Podcast: Baseball in the American City

Guest: Paul Goldberger, Author of Ballpark: Baseball in the American City.

This episode touches on the pending demotion of Zack Collins back to AAA, the White Sox getting swept in Oakland, Buy/Sell/Hold with an appearance from 670 the Score’s Joe Ostrowski, and your questions in P.O. Sox. 

The centerpiece is a conversation with the author, Paul Goldberger about how ballparks in America have evolved over the years, including the ones on the South Side. If you missed Jim’s review of Ballpark, read it here.

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What do you guys think of the old Michael Reese Hospital site as a possible new location for the Sox? The Prairie Shores housing complex across the street is set to be sold in 12 years. The Sox would still be on the South Side, it’s blocks from the lake, and it would offer a great sky line view.


Jim’s conversation with Paul Goldberger is one of my favorite things Sox Machine has ever done. Thank you.

Jim Margalus

You just said that because he complimented your question.


Heh. I asked the question because it taps into a mutual interest of ours! (Seriously, he’s been an influence on my work for more than 25 years, and both your review and this interview did a great job of articulating his approach to cities.)


Another great pod, guys.
I’d like to add Alex Wood to the pile of potential injured or underperforming vet pitchers for nex year.
Non arm related injury, young, decent upside on a cheap 1 year prove it deal and should be good for around 150 ip while Rodon, Dunning and Kopech work their way back.

Trooper Galactus

If that’s their sole plan for a starting pitcher signing, no.


1 Wood type allows them to work through 7 potential major league arms. If they can avoid spending $25mil+ AAV or depleting an already shaky farm system for a starter, they should.

Trooper Galactus

Why is avoiding spending $25 million at all a concern? Sorry, I’m past the point of settling for the likes of Alex Wood for the sake of them not spending money and taking a risk on actually good players.


Not avoiding spending it at all, just being sure it’s spent in the correct spot. If they find out Giolito, Kopech and Cease can anchor the top of the rotation, they can divert Cole $ to Betts $.

Trooper Galactus

I’m jaded enough at this point to think that Cole is not a realistic expectation for them to sign and that Betts is absolute lunacy by comparison.


I didn’t mean them specifically. I just meant that the rotation still has enough upside that $ and tradeable assets might be better utilized elsewhere.