Month in a Box: The White Sox in May 2022

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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As Cirensica

Yeah, the White Sox too.


Running Keuchel/Velasquez out there every 5th day for awhile is why I’m not worried about the pythag record. It wouldn’t shock me if there were multiple stretches of 5 games this season in which the Sox won 3 or 4 games and we’re outscored. The rotation is good enough to keep the team in it, too, even if we don’t see an offensive outburst… ever. And because we aren’t seeing offensive outbursts, one dud a week from a started is bound to keep the run differential in the negative.


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Joliet Orange Sox

Jim produces an incredible amount of content with an extremely low typo rate. However,this article has a typo that I think could cause confusion in the blurb about signing Loidel Chapellí Jr. The blurb says he was signed for “$500,00”. I think he was signed for $500,000 so the comma is in the right place but there’s a missing zero.

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