Mitchell! season begins in Arizona

After a horrific occurrence buried him months ago, the world cheered as a heroic figure overcame catastrophe and returned to the surface on Tuesday night.

After a horrific occurrence buried him months ago, the world cheered as a heroic figure overcame catastrophe and returned to the surface on Tuesday night.
Of course, I’m talking about Jared Mitchell, who played his first baseball since tearing an ankle tendon during a spring training game on March 12.
From here on out, I’ll be tacking on the Arizona Fall League box scores to the end of other posts. But I figure the return of Jared Mitchell deserves its own space, because the last time we saw him, it looked like this:

When it should have looked like this:

Mitchell didn’t disappoint in his first action since March, as you’ll see in the box score.

  • Scottsdale 4, Peoria 3
    • Jared Mitchell went 3-for-4 with a double and two runs scored. He struck out and was caught stealing.
    • Charles Leesman took the loss, allowing a run on two hits and a walk in an inning of work.
    • Eduardo Escobar (playing second) went 1-for-2 with a single. He was picked off/caught stealing.
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YES. YES!!!!! At long last.


oh thank the lord…. you know what would be great? If he wasnt an absolute bust…


We’ve done pretty well with our recent 1st round picks in Beckham and Sale. And you know, I think Mitchell might wind up being the best out of the three…


This is why I’m avocating seriously considering letting PK walk and taking the draft picks. Next year’s draft is loaded and we aren’t being “Duane’d” anymore on draft day.
This is very exciting re: Mitchell.
About Hahn interviewing with the Mets…haven’t the Sox blocked other teams from speaking with him in the past? If so, I suppose Kenny isn’t going to be transitioning GM duties to Hahn anytime soon.


Matt Spiegal on SCORE radio in Chicago suggested that the White Sox will be going all out to sign Carl Crawford while letting Paul Konerko go. Anybody else hear any rumors or what the Sox payroll will be in 2011??


I’m pretty skeptical of the Crawford rumors. The White Sox have too many holes to fill and there are too many other clubs that will probably outbid them. Plus he’s not even a great fit; the Sox don’t need an outfield of three speedy low/medium power guys next year.
It sounds like it’s just the typical thing where the biggest free agent of a given offseason gets endless buzz linking him to every single club.


crawfrod was worth 6 wins last year, man. he’s gonna get overpaid and the sox likely can’t keep up in a bidding war…but crawford is one damn good player.


I’d have to agree. We need a #3, #4 or #5 hitter that can drive in 90-110 runs. I don’t think that’s Crawford. Plus KW normally makes his big moves via the trade.


Yeah, and low/medium power in The Cell translates nicely to medium/high power. Crawford could hit 25 in that park, probably. GUT FEELING!


I love crawford but he is going to get grossly overpaid by someone. The sox needs lay in many other areas and I dont think they would be wise to get involved in crawford talks. However, for anyone holding out hope, kenny has a way of eventually always getting his guy and crawford fits the mold of a guy kenny has liked for a long long time.


Kenny will sign Crawford in 2019 on a $750,000 deal after his 8 year deal with the Angels expires.


i want kenny to get bj upton


It would be a better buy-low than Crawford, but Upton has basically the same skill set as Pierre.


you’re kidding, right? upton plays premium defense at a skill position and just came off a .187 ISO season. pierre’s ISO was a robust .041…in left field.


Fair enough but I still don’t see how that fits with the Sox. We already have a centerfielder, and we already have two fast outfielders, so a guy who is worse than the league average at getting on base doesn’t seem like the biggest priority.
A .187 ISO is not too far over league average. I’m not sure an outfield that would collectively hit about 40 home runs next year is the best use of the Cell’s dimensions.
I like Upton and it would be pretty cool to see that trio play defense, but I think the team has bigger needs.


I see an above average defensive center fielder that eliminates the need for a worse player in Pierre. If you eliminate Carlos’ atrocious glove and stick him at DH (or LF for god’s sake), the OF defense is improved ten fold. Upton steals at a higher percentage than Pierre, plays better defense at a more difficult position, and is hands down a more productive offense player. Upton has a 30 point difference between his career BABIP and 2010 BABIP. His LD% is an excellent 17% which should produce a BABIP much higher than .304.
As for the strikeouts/brain-farts; teams that strike out vs. teams that don’t have no correlation to wins. The Royals K’d the fewest times last year at 905. The D’Back’s on the opposite end with 1529. 13th, 14th, and 15th? Yankees, Red Sox, and Braves. Someone in the White Sox FO knows this and I just can’t believe they’d turn down an opportunity to acquire a 4 win player, 100 Ks or 50 Ks.


What would they do with Pierre then? I don’t think he has a ton of trade value. And what would they give the Rays for Upton? More prospects that they can’t afford to lose?
Upton’s a good player but I don’t see how a second center fielder is at the top of the team’s shopping list right now.


Shin Soo Choo is looking to get out of Cleveland. I trade Floyd or Danks for him, Make Q the Dh, sign a closer, launch Jenks & use Peavy, Floyd or Danks, Buehrle, Sale & Freddie as my starting 5.Also re-sign PK, 2 years + option.


This appears to have been a translation issue – doesn’t sound like Choo is going anywhere.
And if the Indians did trade him it would be for prospects, not for players making a lot more money than Choo does.


Better yet. I’d give them J. Danks & Viciedo in a heartbeat.


Well sure, but Choo’s a 5-win player two years in a row, the Indians would want more than just a couple C-grade prospects.
Regardless I don’t really see any pressure for the Indians to move Choo since he’ll be under team control for a while. They would be much more keen to move Carmona, and probably Sizemore as well.


If i’m not mistaken, Choo owes South Korea two years of military service at some point before he turns 30. So trading for him would be a bad idea at this point in time. Besides if he joined the Sox we’d all have to hear Hawk mispronounce his name as “Sin Shin Choo” more often than we already do. I can’t be the only one who has noticed that.


About the military service, he’ll end up getting that waived if South Korea wins the Asia Games. The other option is to renounce his Korean citizenship in order to dodge the draft… I really don’t see Choo giving up a ridiculous amount of money in order to putt around pointing guns at N. Korea. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


Kenny Williams said today something along the lines of “I know im gonna lose him” speaking about Hahn interviewing for the mets job.
Does kenny actually know something or is this a sort of posturing tactic he is helping Hahn with making it seem like he is an awesome canidate. Either way I have slid my opinion from him leaving to more then likely.


Love that Mitchell is back (and healthy) on the field for us. I see one more year of Pierre keeping LF warm for this kid, OR if he should get on the Beckham/Hudson/Sale “fast track” to the Sox, wouldn’t an outfield of Pierre/Mitchell/Rios look pretty good? Like I’ve always said, Jared Mitchell is our “poor man’s Carl Crawford”…and we’ll never win a bidding war for any free agent player, so I also tend to dismiss any buzz about CC and the White Sox.
Giving Mitchell a chance to do the same things that Crawford brings to the table allows us to keep PK, AND shift CQ to full-time DH….Mitchell working out solves problems we currently have on so many levels. And this is not the same gamble as a Brian Anderson or Jerry Owens experiment, IMO.