Twins 11, White Sox 1: AJ Reed pitched

Bullet point recap:

  • In one of his crazier ideas as White Sox manager, Rick Renteria had Jon Jay bat cleanup. The plan kind of worked as Jay went 2-for-4 driving in the White Sox only run.
  • Dylan Covey lasted 14 pitches giving up five hits, five earned runs on two home runs. Covey didn’t record an out and his season ERA is now 6.99.
  • Jimmy Cordero pitched well not allowing a run in 2.2 innings with two walks and two strikeouts.
  • Jace Fry struck out two in a clean inning.
  • Which led to AJ Reed pitching in the ninth inning. Only took 12 pitches to throw a 1-2-3 inning, so Reed was much more useful than Covey.
  • Meanwhile, in Kansas City, Trevor Bauer threw a baseball over the center field from the pitcher’s mound.

Record: 46-57 | Box Score

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Good to see Covey sent down. But he should never pitch another game for the Sox. And maybe Hahn knew something we didn’t. He certainly didn’t acquire AJ Reed hit (because he can’t). Maybe he can pitch.


Whatever the Sox had Covey working on with the 4 seamer should have happening with Charlotte. Now he is even more messed up.


I was under the impression he was throwing 4 Seamers in Charlotte and got good results down there.


What are the Mets doing?


Getting Marcus Stroman for two 45 grade prospects… I am very jealous right now.


Yes, the Sox could have gotten Stromen if that’s all he cost.


That’s from a group of Dunning, Basabe, Rutherford and Gonzalez so I would say no


It is a lot to bet on the Sox contending next season


MLB Pipeline rates them higher

karkovice squad

MLB Pipeline rates everyone higher.


Pipeline doesn’t have either of them in the top 100. That’s a really unremarkable return for a guy of Stroman’s caliber.


Thats a really odd move by Toronto, they had 3 more days to find a better deal. Where were the sox if that was the cost????


Ruining my fantasy team trade for Stroman, that’s what they’re doing.


Why isn’t Eloy batting cleanup?

lil jimmy

Does not matter where he bats. Angel Hernandez will punch him out.


17 games in 17 days. Sox finish 4-13.

Trooper Galactus

Most predictable headline of the season.


Alternate acceptable headline
Twins 11, White Sox 1: Dylan Covey pitched


what excuse was covey going with for this outing?

what a flaming pile of hot garbage, the fact this bum has been given so many starts is a total joke, the only thing more perplexing then covey’s ability to maintain a job may be rick hahns as well


So I assume Tim is going to replace Jose Rondon, yes?


Technically, Eloy replaced Rondon. I would imagine Anderson will take the spot vacated by Covey and someone else will be sent down after they decide who will be the next man up for the #5 spot in the rotation.