Spare Parts: Yolmer Sanchez finds a new home

During the Town Hall Friday session at SoxFest 2020, Luigi from La Grange asked Rick Hahn when he was going to re-sign Yolmer Sanchez. Then Luigi followed up his questions by shouting “Gold Glove” loudly into the microphone. I’m assuming he was a big fan of Sanchez’s. Yesterday was a bad day for Luigi as Sanchez signed with the San Francisco Giants to a minor league contract that promises an opportunity to compete for the starting spot at second base.

Early reports from San Francisco highlight Sanchez’s 2019 Gold Glove, and how he would be a slight offensive improvement over Joe Panik. Competing against Sanchez for the starting gig will be Mauricio Dubon who started 21 games at second base last year for the Giants. Early analysis suggests that the new manager, Gabe Kapler, could have Dubon moved around the infield playing various positions. At the same time, Sanchez will get the majority of starts at second base.

Moving out to San Francisco concludes Sanchez’s chapter with the White Sox that lasted ten years. He went to Instagram to thank the White Sox and fans for his time with the organization.

The White Sox will visit San Francisco in 2020 May 8 – 10, and if things go well during Spring Training, it’ll be Sanchez in the lineup facing his old teammates. Hopefully, there won’t be any walk-off Gatorade self-baths by Sanchez in those three games.

Other news from the Majors:

Houston Astros close to hiring Dusty Baker as new manager

USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported yesterday that it was a done deal that the Astros would hire Dusty Baker to replace AJ Hinch. Other national outlets dispute that an agreement had reached, but acknowledge that Baker is the front-runner for the job. For a team trying to find a way to return to normalcy after being busted for cheating, Baker is an excellent choice for the role. In 22 years, Baker has a record of 1,863 – 1636 (.532 winning percentage) and, in his last position with the Washington Nationals, managed them to back-to-back NL East division titles.

The issue for Baker is his lack of postseason success in the last 16 years. Under his tenure, the Cincinnati Reds and the Nationals didn’t win a single postseason series. Baker’s lost series win was with the 2003 Chicago Cubs when they beat the Atlanta Braves in five games during the Divisional Series. Despite the black cloud hanging over the Astros, they still have a very talented roster to win another AL West division. That is if Baker can manage the clubhouse through the distractions.

Old Friend Alert: Mark Kotsay candidate for Boston Red Sox gig

Shortly after Midnight in Chicago,’s Chris Cotillo reported that Mark Kotsay is a candidate for the Boston Red Sox managerial opening. Kotsay played with the White Sox during 2009 and 2010 in the twilight of his career, hitting .252/.318/.391 with a -0.7 bWAR in 141 games.

Kotsay was a bench coach in 2016 for Oakland and has been their quality control coach since. He’s competing against current Red Sox coaches Ron Roenicke and Carlos Febles. It is unknown when Chaim Bloom will make an announcement. Still, he could also be busy trying to find a new home for Mookie Betts as it appears talks are getting more serious after the Starling Marte trade.

New Era “Team Describe” Caps for the White Sox

Have you ever looked at a White Sox cap and thought to yourself, “What would be a great look is adding the Chicago flag and a deep-dish pizza”? Well, you’re in luck as New Era released a line of “Team Describe” caps for $39.99 plus shipping and tax. Might be a strong contender for weirdest, and worst, White Sox cap-style.

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Wonder how much $ Yolmer is passing up by taking the minor league contract….

As Cirensica

I wonder if that minor league deal was the ONLY offer he got, and he had no option than to take it.


right, im not buying he turned down major league offers… if you cant hit after being given 2400+ at bats not a lot of teams are gonna come calling


This shows the Sox were smart to not offer him arbitration. I’ll miss Yolmer’s antics, but his glove at 2nd will not be needed once Madrigal arrives.


I thought I read that he had ML offers, but this was the place where he had the best chance to compete for a starting job. If so, I hope his bet pays off and he wins another Gold Glove.

I’m glad he ended up in SF so I can still pull for him without any reservations (except for 3 days in May).


You did read that as did I, I am just saying I dont really believe it (sounds like agent talk to save face). I also dont believe a team that has a tremendously hard time scoring like the giants are going to let a glove only 2nd basemen take a starting job from a younger or more offensive minded player…


So long old friend.

If we were destined to spend the last decade without enough talent, I’m glad we at least had character.


As someone who owns this number, that hat sucks.

As Cirensica

Beyond ugly. Jeeez.


Sometimes something is so ugly it’s beautiful. And sometimes it’s so ugly it wraps back around to just ugly again but you can’t help but admire it.

Joliet Orange Sox

The one thing you can’t do is unsee it. I’ve been trying to unsee it without success.

As Cirensica

Like a car crash in the highway

Eagle Bones

Whoever came up with the idea for this line of hats must have some serious job security. Or they were drunk.


They are all atrocities. I work with designers and am tempted to show them these hats to see if they will react along the lines of the Papyrus sketch.


logged in just to + that sketch. so good.


Stupid would be my one word to describe these abominations.


Is that a Padres-Sox mash-up?


From my absolute favorite Padres uniforms. They are ugly and delight me.

karkovice squad

Should’ve just done the Chicago flag with Battermen replacing the stars.

And, I dunno, the skyline on the back if they really needed the extra kitsch.


I wish Yolmer all the best. I’ll miss everything about him except his bat.


All the great ways you can use and remix the Chicago flag and they choose that abomination?


Chicago flag on the back or side and no food references.  What the hell?


Just to add, I love Chicago pizza.  It’s some of the finest in the world no question.  I talk about it in legendary terms to anyone who will listen.  But you know what?  Nobody outside of Chicago gives a shit about how good our pizza is. 
Ergo that pizza on the hat makes no sense.  


As a Kentuckian who has never lived near Chicago, I must say that I care. I look forward to Chicago pizza every time I go. And yet I prefer the Chicago-style Hot Dog.

But neither look great on a hat unless it’s designed for Halloween. 


Maybe some symbol that references the smell of chocolate one used to get from the factory when one exited the Kennedy at Ohio. Something really subtle.


I feel like pizza is something someone from outside Chicago with no interest in or knowledge of the city would design into a hat. Maybe stick the elevated and Sears Tower on for good measure

As Cirensica

I have never been in Chicago, and I am planning to go very soon. Curiously, what I think of when going there is the MCA and going to GRF for a Chisox game. Pizzas? Pffft



As Cirensica

Museum of Contemporary Art…but I actually meant the Art Institute of Chicago.

I like museums and art. I can spend an entire day inside a museum.

I am a very boring person.

Ted Mulvey

My favorite exhibit at the Art Institute is their paperweight collection. Love that gallery. They also have a nice little collection of Hudson River School art, my other favorite.

Jim Margalus

Sounds like you need to make a trip to the Albany Institute of History and Art.

Ted Mulvey

Yup. That and the Wadsworth Atheneum are on the to-do list when I make an East Coast trip someday.


That has always been my favorite Museum in Chicago.


The recent (sue me, I’m old) addition to the Art Institute is beautiful and links it nicely to Millennium Park.

A short walk from the Chicago Architecture Center, too….and if you want pizza in the general area, Pizano’s is a solid choice.


Good sandwiches at Pizano’s too. Hoof up to the Cultural Center, get a drink at the Athletic Association hotel.


A Chicago hot dog is a Chagall. A deep dish pizza is a Dali. A gyro is a Yoshida, and an Italian beef is it’s own piece of art. I’ve yet to visit the Museum of Contemptible Art.


The MCA pisses me off way more than it inspires me.   


I used to work there. I never got bored walking around it.

Greg Nix

We may very well miss Yolmer this season. Not that I wish he were coming back, but there’s something to be said for reliability. Hopefully Madrigal shows out!


Yolmer never really compelled me to tune into a White Sox game, but he often was the only thing that made me glad I did. 


Deep dish pizza is primarily for tourists. Very few Chicagoans I know actually eat it. Also, when I think of south side pizza it is thinner, cut in squares and triangles where necessary. My go to neighborhood spot is Phil’s Pizza on 35th street. Connies was another go to when I was a kid. I vaguely remember the place they had on 26th street and Home Run Inn is another. Vito and Nick’s on Pulaski is a classic we would go to when shopping around there. Thinking about it, I was an adult the first time I had deep dish pizza. Hahaha, now I want pizza.

Good luck Yomer!


Well that’s weird because my Dad was born and raised in Highland Park and even though we live in Texas now, he still gets Lou Malnati’s shipped down here twice a year. It’s almost like different people have different experiences and you can’t lump everyone together.

(And yes, he’s a Cubs fan but I learned better)


Yeah, it is kind of weird when I think about it. I can’t recall a single instance growing up where we had deep dish pizza anywhere. Parties, school events, never and my family has been in Bridgeport for over 100 years. So it’s not like we had to travel that far for it. I was probably in my mid 20’s the first time I had it.

Right, you can’t lump everyone together but I can’t think of a single south side Chicago deep dish pizza place. If they wanted to put food on the hat, a breaded steak sandwich from Ricobene’s would have been more fitting. Hahaha


Beggar’s and Connie’s both have long done deep dish.

I like pan pizza. We order thin more often, but sometimes you want the deep dish pan. Burt’s, Pequod’s, Lou’s, a place called Easy Street in Portage Park, I enjoy all those


It’s pan, like my favorite pizza of all, Medici on 57th.

Since we’re talking deep-dish pizza, this is as good a place as any to put the absolutely bonkers story of Giordano’s Pizza.




Very fun article, asinwreck. The ole’ sovereign citizen defense.


asinwreck, do/did you live in Hyde Park or were you ever affiliated with the University?


Yes and yes (past tense). Now an East Coaster.


Pequods is Chicago style deep dish with a realy well done crust. My favorite in the city. I love Detroit style pan pizza as well but I wouldn’t bother comparing it with deep dish. Just eat them both and be on your merry way. Detroit style is way easier to make at home though.


Yeah, when I want pizza, I don’t order deep dish. Once a year or so, I get a taste, and get a small when the wife’s out of town. Too much cheese.


The place to go for good pizza when I was in high school was Salerno’s on 16th street in Berwyn. That was 50 years ago so this is not an endorsement! Then over to Sportsmen’s Park to watch the trotters. Got in free after the fifth race. Good pizza – good times!

lil jimmy

That location closed years ago you old fart! I lived around the corner. Order, walk out the back door, through the alley. Grab a pizza and eat way too much.


Hey – small world! Sorry to hear they are no longer there! Still have the good memories!


Way off topic, but did any of you guys go to Pipes and Pizza in Lansing in the 80’s? Loved it as a kid.


And I don’t remember the pizza being that great but I also loved going to Shakeys. Does anyone remember Shakeys? 

lil jimmy

Shakeys was more a good time than a good pizza


All circuses and very little bread…


Pipes and Pizza was great!  It’s now a Beggers Pizza and I think they still do the organ concerts there.


that was exactly my move at bertolli’s in river forest.


Baseball America just added a top 100-first year players. So guys who were either just drafted or International free agents making their first full year with professional baseball. (Mostly for dynasty fantasy baseball purposes)

White Sox have 5 on the list:

#2 Andrew Vaughn
#59 Benyamin Bailey
#64 Matthew Thompson
#88 James Beard
#96 Andrew Dalquist

I’m not 100% sure how to interpret it yet though, because they clearly grade Thompson and Dalquist higher than Bailey and Beard. Still cool to see Bailey get recognition being not a high $ signing as an IFA.

lil jimmy

Seems to indicate the Sox had a good draft. Four 18 year olds, and Vaughn.


Maybe they’re ranked by something like NPV in fantasy points, projected points over the next X years, etc? That’s without reading the article. So maybe they like Dalquist more than Beard as a baseball player, but for fantasy purposes he’s a zero for at least 3-4 years and not projected to light up the big categories even when he does arrive. So in other words, ranked on fantasy production and weighted for arrival date.


Yeah I was thinking along those lines, too. Or the possible explanation is the BA grades are given by a committee, while this list was simply Badler and Collazo’s ranking.


Some thoughts on how to make the hat “more Chicago”:

– make the vent holes irregular and say they represent potholes.

– you can only get one of the hats if you’ve got an uncle who works for the city or the county board.

– a Sears Tower replica that shoot straight up from the top of the cap. Bonus if Robert accidentally uses it to spear a home run ball this season.

– Sox wear them backwards, in memory of the great engineering feat wherein they reversed the flow of the river.


Update: the hat is now under indictment for fraud and influence peddling.


Now that’s a Chicago hat!


The best way to sell a White Sox or Cubs specialty hat would obviously be to replace the picture of the pizza with the words “The 85 Bears were the greatest team in sports history.”


The hat is exactly like a city employee. It doesn’t work.

As Cirensica

2 years to wash the franchise’s face with old reliable and clean Baker.


New Era hats suck.


Let put a real Chicago standout accomplishment on the back of the hat…. a picture of City Hall and with number of alderman who have been thrown in jail for corruption since 1901.. in Roman numerals to show we have some refinement.

Michael Kenny

I had a dream recently that the Sox hired Dayan Viciedo to be their hitting coach. I thought that was disturbing, but Mark Kotsay as manager? Yikes


It’s funny the way the White Sox recruitment approach screws with our memories of guys that were actually good players before they came to the Sox.
Also that they chose a guy who had (yeah, that’s the past tense) been known for his strong defence to use as part of the DHydra.