First Pitches: White Sox vs. Royals

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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Fastball sitting mid-90s again with some nice fluterring action on the changeups. Lucas is looking a lot better right now. Given it’s only through 1 inning but good signs.

karkovice squad

Yep. Command a work in progress but otherwise encouraging.


What was Abrue thinking charging for the pop-up?

Root Cause

Pop-ups seem to be our Achilles heel on both sides of the infield.


I had a little panic attack when I saw Achilles in your comment. I thought you were discussing Abreu for a second.


So why did LaRussa go with Grandal at first instead of Vaughn. Given the doubleheader and Grandal’s knees (assuming Grandal is now the catcher for the second game), wouldn’t Vaughn + a new LF have been a better choice than Grandal + Collins? Or does Collins or Mercedes catch the second game?


If Vaughn moves to 1st, then Billy Hamilton or Danny Mendick have to move into the OF to cover that spot. Collins is a bigger power threat than either.


Well, this has been an unpleasant inning and a half.


The wind is doing the most right now

Taylor HR – xBA – .160
Perez HR – xBA – .190

Taylor’s HR traveled 351 ft and Perez’s HR traveled 344 ft. They still count.


Yep, the scoreboard says Royals 5, Sox 1, not Wind 5, Sox 1.


Obviously they count, but luck and sequencing matter just as much within a single game as they do over 162

In the 3rd inning of game two, Zack Collins flew out after hitting a ball with much harder exit velocity and much higher xBA that traveled much farther than either of the KC home runs in game one. Luck is definitely part of the game.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

No more day games for Lucas, plz


What a year. Our Cy Young favorite ace is our worst starter, and our nobody-wants-him, DFAd $3M 5th starter is our ace.


Hopefully Abreu is OK, hope we get confirmation it is nothing serious and not a concussion or something. Better yet hope he can play in game 2, but the main thing is hoping is nothing substantial. Hope we get re-assuring update soon.


All the quality outfielders on that market the last few years and Jerry springs for Adam Eaton.


And in all irony, the oft injured Eaton is the only healthy outfielder among Eloy, Robert, Engel. Go figure. Hope Engel gets back soon. I think when he gets back he should be basically full time CF, aside from RF vs lefties. He is probably their best all around outfielder with everyone else hurt. I think much like Mercedes, they will find he is a much better player than they thought, once he starts playing full time.

In all fairness, the guys I preferred to Eaton were Rosario or Pederson, both of whom have not been very good. And Springer has barely played, not that he was a realistic possibility. So I think fair to say that they would not be faring much better with what would have seemed a more solid choice of outfielders, so far at least. I’m with you on how much I thought signing Eaton was a horrible idea, just to be clear.

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Bryce Harper is raking right now. I know it doesn’t need to be said that Jerry wasn’t interested in paying him.

I imagine Springer will get going at some point as well.


Nice day for Nicky, Eaton and Grandal- 0-9 with 7 strikeouts and 2 double plays.

Root Cause

Same thing happened when Luis got hurt. It was like someone popped a pin in our ballon when Abreu went down.
Hoping they bounce back. Maybe Kopeck on the mount gives us a spark!


Did La Russa go with the Billy Martin “pull names out of a hat” strategy for the late game lineup?


Robo ump please