First Pitch: White Sox vs. Guardians

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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Eloy buddy cmon


So…I would not sit Vaughn and Harrison for Sheets and Leury regardless of pitcher.
But especially Vaughn.


Apparently Harrison‘s hammy is a lil sore 🙁


No never, I thi…. Oh wait, never mind.


And that’s how you reverse jinx it.

You all can thank me later.


Curt Bloom, 30-year announcer for the Baron’s on the call with LEN ON THE RADIO HOME RUN

Joliet Orange Sox

Have a muffin!


I like the 1 K through 13 PA’s against Bieber. 5 Runs is nice too 😉

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Vibes very good. Minnie Minoso day couldn’t be going much better. Hopefully this isn’t a jinx


The stupid thing about this team is: like basically all of their issues are instantly resolved if Leury and Pollock hit like they have the past two years.


That plus also I think they need Moncada and Gio and Lynn and Jimenez and Robert all to transcend their current 2022 performances


Well, Eloy’s doing his part

Augusto Barojas

This team has more issues than Leury and Pollock not playing up to their potentials. Leury needs to play less, not better. He is not an MLB starter in any universe (except today!).

Any Tony will be an albatross until he is removed.


Leury shouldn’t be a regular starter, but if he’s hitting for approximately league-average production like ‘20 and ‘21 in appropriate usage, he’s a really useful utility player. Pollock hitting a platoon-neutral 130 wRC+ does actually solve 80% of the outfield issue. As Szymborski said, they have two big holes: at 2B/Util and corner OF. The solutions are in house if they can just not be goddamn bums

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Augusto Barojas

Their solutions are not in house if they want to beat real teams in October.


Bye Bieb


Turns out, I like home runs.

Joliet Orange Sox

I’ve enjoyed 84 of the home runs in Sox games this year. The other 101 – not so much.