First Pitch: White Sox at Cleveland

TV: Fox


(Photo by Doug Bardwell)

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Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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Tim doesn’t look focused right now ….Needs to get his mind straight for the playoffs

As Cirensica

How about a hit? This pitcher is nothing extraordinary, right?


Vaughn is just lost right now


Cesar really needs to step up …


Tomorrow will be exactly a month since his last homer, one of only three he’s hit since joining the Sox.


Yeah him falling off a cliff like this is really unacceptable.


Over his 200 PA as a Sox, those homers and two doubles are the total of his XBH. His SLG with Cleveland this year was .431, and it’s.288 since the trade. Woof.

As Cirensica

This 6th inning is hard to watch…a bunch of dribbles finding a hole…double pumping glives for infield hits. In the meantime the White Sox has 1 hit

Wake me up when September ends


They look like they are going through the motions …you can’t just flip a switch when the playoffs come…they need to start focusing now


I think there is a tendency for Sox fans to think the worst when the team does not do well in one game. We forget that other teams may have the same experience. For example, the Astros, our likely first opponent in the playoffs, have now lost three games in a row and only scored 5 runs in those games. No doubt their fans are saying this is no way to prepare for the playoffs.


It’s been more than one game – more like 60, they have been treading water. It’s worrisome that with the theoretical hitting talent on this team that they have had more trouble scoring runs than when half the hitters were injured.
It’s more worrisome that mental and physical errors continue to occur a week before the end of the regular season: a “double” in which involved the SS, Lf and hitter, only the Cleveland hitter hustled; a grounder to an infielder whose stance was one of waiting for the bus, so that when he briefly mishandled the ball, he wasn’t in an athletic position to throw anyone out; more double-pumping allowing more base-runners. These are not the kind of mistakes that will magically disappear come playoff time. The hitting may improve, but I don’t think malaise has a switch. I think it’s time to worry.


We’ll see where they are really at in terms of playoff readiness in about 10 days. You know they will be more amped up than playing the Indians after clinching.