First Pitch: Rangers vs. White Sox

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Josh Nelson

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Jason and Steve are a bit confused. They said that Steele Walker came to Texas in a move that benefited both teams and referenced Dane Dunning. They must have thought he was part of the Dunning/Lynn trade, instead of being traded for Mazara.

As Cirensica

Something in the churros sword fighting and thinking of that IBB from last night. Confuses even to the most leveled minds

As Cirensica

The game is kinda boring. I guess boring is not a bad thing considering how creative our manager can be.


Steve Stone talking about the Dana Carvey Tom Brokaw sketch. Does he read Sox Machine?


Um, why is Lambert warming in a 2-2 game in the 7th?

As Cirensica

Hall of fame baseball person

As Cirensica

The key inning with curious events finally appears in the 8th. White Sox games always have one (sometimes more than one) of those

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I love that the Rangers are using a lefty for Robert, Abreu, Burger, because they used so many righties tonight already.


this is what the rangers get for putting a lefty in lmao


Great job by Grandal, and everybody else, hitting over that double play by Abreu.

As Cirensica

Moncada and Grandal awaking is a nice change of events


It really is a different offense when Yoan and Yas play like who they are.