White Sox spring roster fills out

The White Sox invited 15 non-roster players to Spring Training, and you can divide them into four groups:

Who are you calling Baby?
"Who are you calling 'Baby?'"
Baby’s first spring

  • Jared Mitchell
  • Jordan Danks
  • Brent Morel
  • C.J. Retherford

None of these four have any semblance of a shot at making the 25-man roster out of spring barring a major catastrophe.  Still, there’s nothing wrong with making a fine first impression under these circumstances. They won’t get another look as quickly as Gordon Beckham did, but Ryan Sweeney is an example of a guy whose fine first spring was remembered down the road.
For future reference

  • Miguel Gonzalez
  • Charles Leesman
  • Josh Phegley

They’re too far away from the majors to be part of any big-league plans, but the Sox have high hopes for them.  In particular, Leesman’s size (6-foot-4) and throwing hand (lefty) give him a chance to turn a good spring training into a short stay at Winston-Salem.
Antique Road Show

  • Daniel Cabrera

He’s a mess in every way, but people still remember when he threw 98.  Too bad he throws 91 now.  He’s the John Van Benschoten Memorial Futile Reclamation Project of 2010.
Warm bodies

  • Greg Aquino
  • Jason Botts
  • The other Ryan Braun
  • Freddy Bynum
  • Josh Kroeger
  • Donny Lucy
  • Erick Threets

Keep Aquino and Threets in mind.  There are no reasons why they should be in consideration at any point in 2010, but you could say the same thing about former NRIs D.J. Carrasco (2008) and Randy Williams (2009). Threets probably has a better shot since he’s left-handed.
Speaking of Carrasco, he’s a Pirate now.
Two pitcher profiles:
*On one end, Joe Cowley catches up with Jake Peavy. In short, Kenny Williams fires Peavy up, Peavy fires Don Cooper up, and when you read it, you’ll be fired up, too.  Or your money back.
*On the other, Scott Merkin gets on the floor with Jeff Marquez to help him find all the pieces of his career. It’s helpful in that it details the extent of his elbow problems, but I shook my head at a lot of it when you consider his groundball rates. Marquez’s “power sinker” stands a good chance at entering the White Sox Mythical Pitch Hall of Fame next to Billy Koch’s 100-m.p.h. high heat and Nick Masset’s sinking 98.
Christian Marrero Reading Room:
*Kenny Williams says he’s probably done dealing.  That doesn’t mean much, but it’s worth noting.
*That news will disappoint J.J. at White Sox Examiner and Andrew at The 35th Street Review, who are waiting for more.
*Scott Podsednik’s baserunning is broken down in detail at Rany on the Royals.
*The Cubs are nearing a decision between Arizona and Florida.  This only matters because it has a big impact on the Sox’s spring training attendance.

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For the record, I still love the Jared Mitchell pick and if I attend spring training he is a guy I would love to go watch.


Peavy did, indeed, pump me up.


I liked Peavy’s attitude. It’s a lot more agressive and no-nonsense than the usualy company line revolving around “passion” and crap like that. Peavy is an ass-kicker that wants a ring. I had reservations about the signing because it cost talent I really liked and I felt there were questions about his ability to league-leap and health. The end of 2009 was too small a sample size to eliminate all of that for me, but I am very excited to see him pitch, and I hope he can anchor a strong, deep rotation without any stat depreciation due to park and league values.
: Did Miguel Negron mean anything to the organization before his suspension? I doubt very much he does now.