The Wall of Shape

Q: How many White Sox players will show up to spring training in the best shape of their lives?
A: Everybody. Even Bobby Jenks.
Seriously, I’m going to use this post to figure out the number by aggregating all the stories recounting the strenuous regimens used by our heroes to show up to Glendale stronger, slimmer, fitter and trimmer. Whenever you see one I haven’t added, please post it in the comments below, and I’ll put it on the board (yes).
[myspace][/myspace] Feb. 23
*Ramon Castro shed 10 pounds.
Feb. 21
*Bobby Jenks has reported to camp 25 pounds lighter.
*Andruw Jones did, too.
*Scott Linebrink says, “My arm feels good, and physically, I feel great.”
January 22
*Bobby Jenks impressed Kenny Williams: “He looks the best I’ve ever seen him, and I’m really proud of this guy.”
January 21
*Jim Thome has “kept himself in phenomenal physical condition.”
January 20
*Gordon Beckham feels “like he will come to Arizona in the best shape he’s ever been.”
*Mark Buehrle is giving Don Cooper “a lot of energy” with his new workout program.
*Andruw Jones “is said to be in the best shape he’s been in for a decade.”
January 19
*Scott Linebrink is in a “whole lot better shape this year than last year.”

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I’m more partial to this gym clip:
“Now step over to the Abdominator and I will shout slogans at you.”


Fangraphs has an interesting article on underrated sinkerballers, arguing that they could be more successful in the majors than evaluators project because they will benefit so much from major league defense, and Stephen Sauer made the cut:
Stephen Sauer, 23, Chicago White Sox
Level BB.9 K/9 HR/9 GB% BABIP
Low-A 1.2 7.8 0.3 56.3 .363
This guy managed a 3.36 ERA in Kannapolis because he was so good at limiting home runs and walks, but look at his BABIP! His hit rate seems to have scared off prospect evaluators, as he’s not listed as one of Baseball America’s top 30 White Sox prospects. But his sinker has always been good (2.64 GO/AO at ASU) and his slider is average enough. With a good change up, Sauer can be just as good as Jon Garland ever was.


Andruw Jones is the one that could make the biggest difference. He’s looked like a cow for the last two years — and played like one. If he’s in shape, or anywhere near it, the Sox will have made a great move. Jenks is never to get himself in good playing shape. Sox ought to do an MRI on his spine, to see how many discs are warped and bulging due to his top-heavy frame. Garcia ought to be working his tail off too — though I’m betting he’ll be done by the All-Star break.


OH NO, we have heard it all now, kenny williams said jenks was in the best shape he has ever seen him. HAHAHA the hype police are out of control we arent even at pitchers and catchers reporting yet!!!!


Hahaha, yup!
“He looks the best I’ve ever seen him,” Williams said. “I’m really proud of this guy.”
When I saw that quote I immediately thought of Jim’s “best shape of my life” thread.–20100122,0,7683624.story


Your call on the latest one Jim, Quentin was talking about how great he feels and how he is fully recovered from his previous injuries. To me it didnt have the feel of “shape of my life” but it was close.


Scott Merkin on Thome/DH situation…
“If adding Thome simply existed as a decision on its own, based on the designated hitter’s still solid level of productivity and his high character, then Thome would have been back with the White Sox long ago.”
How is there anything other questions?


I’d rather have Johnny Damon than Thome — a guy who would actually fit into Guillen’s “new approach”. But if all we can get is Thome, I don’t understand why it’s not a no brainer. He DH’s against righties and Quentin DHs against lefties. Thome pinch-hits in the Quentin DH games. If Thome gets on base after the 5-6 inning — depending on the score — Guillen sends in a pinch runner. Thome probably won’t get as many ABs as last year, but he’ll more likely stay healthy. How many dingers did he hit against lefties anyways? If Big Jim is more worried about 600 HRs than hitting — which I don’t think is the case — than he can play for some crap AL team.




Got another one today:,0,3589088.story
“Backup catcher Ramon Castro finally reported. Castro lost 10 pounds in the offseason.”