Season's Meetings, Day 3: Loose lips sink ships

No action, just chatter, on the third day of the Winter Meetings for the White Sox.

"Know your place! Shut your face!"
"Know your place! Shut your face!"
Too much chatter, as far as Kenny Williams was concerned:

”We thought we had something going on but you know, like I’ve told you guys a million times before, when things become public, to a large degree the entire game changes and more times than not you’re not going to get a deal,” Williams explained, without saying Putz’s name. ”So something we thought we might be a little closer on becomes public and now it’s not so close.”
Sources have indicated that’s not the case, however.

Cowley goes on to say that the Sox and Putz are still near a deal, but Ken Rosenthal adds that other teams were going to make a pitch regardless.
*Same goes for Hideki Matsui, as Williams downplayed his interest in a cagey exchange with media, home and abroad.
*Williams had another bizarre interlude in which he gave some support to Milton Bradley while attempting to not sound like he wanted him on his team.
*The Tampa Bay Rays are close to acquiring Rafael Soriano from the Atlanta Braves, which would theoretically eliminate any interest in Bobby Jenks.
*The Facebook page has yet another warm memory from Christmases past.

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The Soriano deal just shows you the little value Jenks has in the trade market.
My prediction is that if we sign Putz then we trade Linebrink for Bradley, with the Cubs picking up a huge chunk of his salary. But what do I know.


This would be a great deal for the Sox on paper… but I think Milt really needs to get out of Chicago. Most of the time I’m very production > intangibles, but he’s one of the few players who has so many personality issues that it has to be considered. The crosstown games and the oppressive media would continue to drive him nuts. He needs to go to a small market team where he can disappear a bit and go back to his strengths of raking the ball and getting injured.


If the Cubs pick up a large portion of his tab then the White Sox could always spin him somewhere else later if it doesn’t work out. I agree with your point but I also think Kenny Williams likes to pick up other team’s step children.


That, plus, you can’t really blame Everett for having a cancerous farewell. Can’t blame a guy for speaking out against the machine that perpetuates the myth of dinosaurs. Everyone knows that there weren’t any dinosaurs, that the whole story is propaganda. You can’t really expect Everett to share a clubhouse with people who think dinosaurs are real, can you?
If only it was so simple for Bradley…


Jesus Horses.


Ugh, Striker I think you may be right. Bradley would be awful on the South Side!! Why doesn’t Kenny go after David Aardsma instead of Milty??


I have to completely disagree with striker, have you seen the rediuclously stupid contracts wagner, hawkins, and lyons got, teams are once again being idiots in the free agent market and jenks for 7 mil has gone back to being a valuable deal not a liability. Sox are gonna hang onto bobby he is a commodity.


If you are arguing that he still has trade value then what teams do you think are options?
I think Bobby still has value to the Sox but not to other teams. Does anyone know anything about the player TB sent to ATL? I’ve never heard of him but IMO Soriano > Jenks and both cost $7mil. So would we deal Jenks for that same player ATL got? Doubt it.


When teams are giving rediuclous money and years to bad relievers it tells me Jenks has a lot of value currently. Atleast a lot more then I thought heading into the offseason. That however is a completely different statement then me thinking the sox are going to move him, they likely are asking for a ton back in return and thus no move has been made.
Kenny knows what he has in Bobby, and I personally think he is going to have a better 2010 then 2009, it would be dumb to sell him at this point and weaken an already shaky bullpen.
You have never heard of Soriano but he is better then Jenks??? COME THE FUCK ON


I believe that striker was referring to Jesse Chavez, the reliever that the Rays sent to Atlanta.


you would be correct blah


Well, the Sox may be able to get more for Jenks because he will still be under team control for another year past 2010. So, TB would be able to get a $7 mil reliever and another year. Not sure if that would be a good or bad thing in this market because the trade partner would know Jenks is going to get another raise the next year.
Also, I’m not picking sides, but I think that Striker meant that he had never heard of the guy that TB traded to Atlanta, not that he hadn’t heard of Soriano.


I think he meant the player the braves got in return for soriano, not soriano himself.


Sorry, didn’t scroll down and see that you pointed that out already.