Introducing the cover of White Sox Outsider 2010

You got Palehose in my Sox Machine!
You got Sox Machine in my Palehose!
You got that right, boys and girls — along with all the insight and wit you come to expect from the Sox Machine brand, White Sox Outsider 2010 will feature the terrific artwork of Palehose cartoonist Carl Skanberg.
I’ll release more details about the books in the coming weeks, but I’m holding off for the time being as I hold my breath to make sure the Sox don’t do anything to blow up my in-depth pieces and farm system report.  If you bought White Sox Outsider 2009 (and of course you did… didn’t you?), just picture it with 2009-10 content, different essays and cartoons that drive points home, and you’re most of the way there. It’s truly two great tastes that taste great together.
And if you didn’t buy White Sox Outsider 2009, there’s still plenty of time.  Others can speak up for it, but in re-reading it many times while working on the site and the upcoming book, I think it holds up well.
Christian Marrero Reading Room:
*Speaking of Carl, he sums up the DH predicament at Smells Like Mascot.
*Speaking of which, the slow dance continues to play out.  Jim Thome says all the right things to Scott Merkin. Meanwhile, the Sox are still sponsoring his charity event for the Children’s Hospital of Illinois in Peoria. In my mind, I’m thinking, “Will you two just get it on so I can figure out if he’s a eulogy or a preview?”

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

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I predict Thome will be signed by Friday and he will be at Soxfest. I’m guessing 2-3 million, 1 year.


Margalus / Skanberg? Skanberg / Margalus? Combining forces.. a special announcement indeed. Awesome news. Count me in once again for this year’s edition.
For those who didn’t buy the 2009 edition, I definitely recommend it, or at least picking up the 2010 one when it comes out.


And it’s definitely a preview in regards to Thome unless some great trade offer comes up or Damon’s market completely disappears, but with Boras around I don’t see that happening.


I really liked the idea of a DH that could also play the field. But at this point thats out the window and I really think its in the sox best interest to bring Thome back. On and off the field his production will be hard to beat and he should come real cheap. Its going to be to hard to win at the cell without some thump.

Chris Pummer

They really should dump the idea of a DH that can play the field, anyway. With the way the roster has already shaped up, it’s pretty redundant to bring a guy in just because he can wear a glove somewhere.
They’ve already go three guys who can probably play CF to varying degrees (Rios, Pierre, Jones). They’ve got four who can play RF (Rios, Quentin, Jones, Teahen). The leftovers end up in LF.
The infield is probably fine, too, with Vizquel and Nix as options. In a real pinch I’m sure Beckham could go back to 3B.
There’s plenty of depth at every position. Now the Sox should focus on a real need, which would be a big bat, regardless of defensive prowess.
Of the options out there, Thome is probably the best fit here.


This is spectacular news! Can’t wait.


It’s clear Sox need more power in their line-up. Everyone respects Thome. If he’s signed, Guillen needs to bench him against lefties and have a designated pinch-runner should Jimbo get on base after the 6th or 7th inning. Problem here is Jim would probably like more ABs because he’s a competitor and because he’d probably like to get to 600 HRs. I think Jim cares more about winning at this point in his career and if he sticks around for two more years, he’ll most assuredly reach 600. I’ll go along with “jimbo” and predict the Sox will sign him soon.


He was willing to go to the Dodgers to be a pinch hitter, if he was that worried, he’d have said no. He’ll be fine with taking some games off.
I think he’ll accept a minor platoon, he’d still be getting the majority of AB’s as the left handed part of the platoon anyways. Jones can bat against the better lefties, and Thome can rest his back, it’s a win / win.


It’s less and less important what Thome would accept. At some point, he should secure a roster spot somewhere and try to force his way into the lineup. Really, who is our competition, at least in terms of AB’s?
That being said, I would like to see a one year deal get done. They need a little bit of each other.


Will there be a special deal if you buy both the ’09 and the ’10 books? I’m cheap.


Great news, Jim. When can I buy it? The last one was great too, for anyone who hasn’t bought it.


Fantastic cover design! Can’t wait to get my mitts on it.


Long time reader first time poster. Jim, I am really anticipating your new book. I didn’t buy 2009 but i will certainly buy 2010.
As for Thome, I wouldn’t doubt that he has had weak offers so far but he has been holding out for the sox. I agree there is just no reason for him to not come back. In all honesty, I figured he would have resigned by now but imo that means the holdup is more on the sox part.


Just wanted to say thanks for the work you put in. Just picked up the 2009 book, also getting the 2010 when it’s released.
On Thome, personally I don’t want the Sox to re-sign him. I’m in the minority who wants to see the DH by committee in action. It worked well for Tampa in 08. I think a mostly Kotsay/Jones platoon could be good while keeping our fielders (Mostly Quentin) fresh. We could also give Becks or Alexei a day off and keep their bat in the lineup. I’d rather the Sox hold on to the cash for now.


Skanbergalus? Skangalus? Marberg? Margaluskanberg?
As the new power couple of the entertainment world we have to call you something!


I vote for Skanbergalus


I have to throw in a vote for Marberg. Any nickname that sounds like a strain of hemorrhagic fever is okay by me.