Important dates for the 2009-10 White Sox offseason

With the World Series officially in the rear-view mirror, today marks the official first day of the offseason.
I thought it would be handy to list all the important dates for easy reference as the offseason progresses.  Please note that some dates are subject to change.
November — Free agent filing period, first 15 days after World Series ends.
Nov. 9 — General managers meetings, Chicago.
Nov. 10-11 — General managers meetings are moved to Rio de Janeiro.
Nov. 15 — Joe Cowley reports that the White Sox have interest in trading for Chone Figgins.
Nov. 29 — The White Sox front office ponders whether or not to offer arbitration to Octavio Dotel.
Nov. 30 — Scott Linebrink wakes up from yet another undeservedly good night of sleep.
December — Questionable Latin American alleged crime period.
Dec. 1 — Last day for teams to offer salary arbitration to their former players who became free agents.
Dec. 3 — White Sox release spring training schedule.
Dec. 4 — Jim Margalus bitches about price of spring training tickets.
Dec. 7 — Last day for free agents offered salary arbitration to accept the offers.
Dec. 7-10 — Winter meetings, Indianapolis.
Dec. 8 — White Sox make surprise trade, dealing veteran for two Arizona Fall League players, and another guy who once fell in Arizona.
Dec. 10 — Player White Sox traded away expresses surprise, slightest amount of displeasure in reaction to the trade.
Dec. 11 — In response, Ozzie Guillen responds by ripping player with 10,000 times the force of the original criticism.
Dec. 12 — Special Olympics demands apology from Guillen.
Dec. 12 — Last day for teams to offer 2010 contracts to unsigned players.
Dec. 22 — Phil Rogers reports that there’s talk about Paul Konerko heading to the Angels for Ervin Santana and Casey Kotchman.
Dec. 27 — Gio Gonzalez receives apartment lease renewal form, panics.
January — Find-something-anything-to-talk-about period.
Jan 5-15 — Salary arbitration filing.
Jan. 17 — Chone Figgins signs a four-year, $30 million contract with the Chicago Cubs.
Jan. 18 — Onslaught of columns about the White Sox’ inability to close the deal on Figgins on 43 different occasions.
Jan. 19 — Exchange of salary arbitration figures.
Jan. 22-24 — SoxFest takes place at Palmer House Hilton in Chicago.
Jan. 22 — Chris Getz injures hand signing an autograph.
Jan. 23 — Kenny Williams shows amazing control during a heated Q&A session, interrupting an angry fan by leaning to the side and passing gas into the microphone, starting and stopping each time said angry fan tries to resume speaking.
Jan. 30 — White Sox rumored to have interest in trading for Chone Figgins and Jake Peavy.
February — Sarcastic Camelback Ranch reference period.
Feb. 1-21 — Salary arbitration hearings.
Feb. 19 — Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in the best shape of their lives, except for Bobby Jenks.
Feb. 24 — Players report to Glendale for first full workout in the best shape of their lives, except for Dayan Viciedo.
Feb. 25 — Ozzie Guillen expresses desire to get back to basics for fourth consecutive year.
Feb. 26 — Chris Getz bunts ball into own face, will miss four weeks.
March — Mark Buehrle injury period
Arizona Fall League:

  • Mesa 8, Peoria 5
    • Jordan Danks went 0-for-3 with a walk, RBI and two strikeouts.
    • C.J. Retherford went hitless in four ABs, striking out twice.
    • Sergio Santos struck out two and walked one in a scoreless inning.
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I missed the annual “flying under the radar” KW quote. Which is why I don’t think the Sox are going to land Figgins and I’m glad about that.


Looking forward to Getz committing the “Full Paco” next spring.
As for Jan. 30, I think they’ll have interest in trading Peavy to the Cubs FOR Figgins.


I remember going to a game, I think in September, and about twice an inning there was an announcement about the new “lower-priced” Spring Training tickets.


Hahahaha best post in a while Jim, tons of good stuff!!!
Dont forget Late Feb early March Scott Linebrink and Tony Pena unhittable in simulated games, and the “noone wants to face these guys” quotes coming from the coaching staff.


11-5-09 Mark Teahan traded to sox for Josh Fields and Chris Getz


Good stuff Jim. Love the Mark Buehrle in March. “Mark Buehrle resting arm and everyone freaks out.”


Good stuff Jim. Nov 30 is my favorite.