Reading Room: It's that time of the year

Another season is upon us prematurely, and this one involves Angels, not demons.

It seems like people set up for holiday seasons earlier and earlier each year.
No, I’m not talking about the Halloween displays that popped up shortly after Labor Day in my neighborhood. No, I’m referring to another time of year that is upon us prematurely:


season. The OC Register popped the cork:

Meanwhile, the Angels’ regard for Konerko is well-established. They  went after him hard following the 2005 season when Konerko was a free  agent. Sentiment led him to re-sign with the then-reigning World Series  champs.
Konerko is five years older now and the Angels should have had their  fill of signing aging sluggers (i.e. Matsui and Bobby Abreu). But if  other things don’t pan out (i.e. Carl Crawford), Konerko could become a  short-term option. Maybe he could fit in a three-way triangle with  Kendry Morales and Abreu, playing first base and DH.
Is this a Plan B the Angels should keep in mind?

I thought KONERKO TO THE ANGELS??? Season lasted from the end of the World Series to the July 31 trade deadline, but this is like Punxsutawney Phil popping up two weeks into January. At least it gives me more time to shop.
Christian Marrero Reading Room:
*One legit Konerko note: The Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo says that contract length “won’t be a huge factor,” so maybe two years isn’t out of the question.
*Site notes: I finally got the archives and contact pages up and running.
*While working on the minor-league section of White Sox Outsider 2011, I looked at the 2006 draft. If you ever forget why Duane Shaffer was fired, it’s because he selected 50 players in his final draft, and Kanekoa Texeira is the only one to make the majors.
*Rick Hahn might be hampered by “assistant” status in the Mets’ GM search.
*The White Sox still lost fewer days on the DL than every other team, despite seeming worse than usual. I may write more about this tomorrow.
*Jerry Reuss has his own Flickr page (tip of the hat to Rob), and his White Sox photos are a lot of fun to look through. Great photos of Old Comiskey, New Comiskey construction and Greg Walker in short shorts.
*J.J. puts Dayan Viciedo on the examination table.
*White Sox Interactive has a history of White Sox and the media, Part I and Part II. In the second part, it’s interesting to hear Mark Gonzales and Joe Cowley talk about some unnamed Cubs reporters. Hopefully blogs will have a big part in Part III.

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As Cirensica

I think it’s Mark Gonzales….with an “s”!… I know usually is with “z” at the end. Spanish names such as Gonzalez, Rodriguez, Ramirez, Martinez, Colmenarez, etc., (From Spain) usually end with “z”, but those from Portuguese ancestry end with “s”, such as Gonzales, Rodrigues, Chaves, Colmenares… I have not idea why though…
Interesting article about Dayan, and interesting opinion of why konerko’s offensive numbers may have been affected positively by having the flexible DH strategy that had Konerko more game as a DH. I really wish we trade Carlos Quenntin….he can barely DH, and Guillen has stated several times that having hyper Quentin in the dugout is a pain…It will be hard for me to see him “popping out” a gazillion times again for another season of 235 AVE…I know he’s got a decent OBP, but so does dozens of decent right fielders out there…outfielders that can catch the ball, and can hit more evenly in the season for an AVE a lot higher….. Jordan Danks may be great deffensively, but his AVE is too Quentinesque for my taste, and apparently with less power (Striking out 150 times in AAA with 8 homers is no good….no good at all).


Yeah, I think at this point we can figure 2008 was a flash in the pan. Personally I really like the guy, but he’s very frustrating. In terms of production, Jones would have been the better every day player – better defense, more speed, higher OPS. And they’re both feast or famine offensively, so it’s a wash there.
The bottom line is that Quentin really isn’t bringing much there. He gives us some much needed power, and also his reverse splits and RISP numbers are much appreciated – but it shouldn’t be that hard to find a right fielder who can do that. Just so long as we aren’t in the position like we were with CF last year where we fling a bunch of crap at the wall and hope something sticks, it’s probably time to move on.
/turns on Coldplay, wipes tear
One last note about Jones: he had a .945 post-All Star OPS, and wound up with the second best OPS on the team (among players w/at least 200 at bats). Just so long as we didn’t pay him enough to eat at Old Country Buffet every day, I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him a shot to supplant Quentin.

As Cirensica

Coldplays makes you cry?…. My sister loves Coldplay so much, she put it over and over and over so much that now if I listen Coldplay, I almost puke… I used to like them before my sister burned’em down. I wouldn’t say no to A. Jones, but he’s pretty much the same thing than Quentin. A streaky hitter. I think a team is better off with a more even production through the year. Quentin can have an explosive week, then he has 3 weeks of nothingness…then ChiSox were invincible that week while sucking the other three weeks. I know that Quentin has some more than decent numbers in many offensive categories…more impressive is his number of Ks among all the right fielders out there. However, I dislike streaky players…he is OFF more often than ON


I was kidding, I actually can’t stand Coldplay. The joke was just being sad about being time to break up with Quentin.
I definitely agree with your sentiment on streaky players. I guess the biggest thing I was thinking was that even if we move on from Quentin, chances are he won’t be replaced with the likes of Jerry Owens or Brian Anderson.


One last note about Jones: he had a .945 post-All Star OPS, and wound up with the second best OPS on the team (among players w/at least 200 at bats).
It’s worth noting that a big part of this improvement was that Ozzie took Jim’s advice and started playing him less. I don’t have time to go through the game logs but I’m guessing the second half also indulged his platoon split.
I wouldn’t hate it if he was the obligatory veteran they bring back for $1-2 million next year, but I don’t think he should get more playing time than he did this year; i.e., he’s not a replacement for Quentin on his own. A platoon of Jones and Teahen in RF wouldn’t be pretty, but it might actually be a good use of resources.


A platoon of Jones and Teahen in RF wouldn’t be pretty, but it might actually be a good use of resources.
I’d be on board with that.


You may have fixed the contact page, but not the link. It goes to a “page not found” error.


wow three great talking points today
1. Konerko to the angels, good lord can a dead horse be beatin anymore? The angels primary target will be crawford (he is going to get PAID!!!) , I dont see a konerko match especially since kendry morales will be back at 1b next year.
2. Duane schaffer 1 for 50, good lord even if omogrosso or long make it which isnt out of the question that is a good awful job of drafting. More efficiency could have been used throwing a dart at a board.
3. Herm has been a legit MVP canidate for this organization for decades, I cant speak highly enough about how him and his team have kept whitesox players off the DL.


Read that the Angels are looking to spend this offseason. With the strong attendance they have and playing the typically weak 4-team AL West, they may as well. Perhaps paying both Crawford and Konerko is an option. And if Konerko really wants to play ‘close to home’ then he doesn’t have many options and may accept a lower offer to play in SoCal.


If this was covered already, I apologize: (Updated yesterday)
Konerko-Type A
Manny Ramirez-Type A
A.J.-Type A
Putz-Type B
Adam Dunn-Type B???
Letting PK walk and going hard after Dunn makes even more sense…


I luaghed for about 15 minutes after seeing Dunn come out as Type B, hahahaha that is why bad gms run horseshit last place teams right there, that last two months of Dunn was worth not gaining Hudson (7-1 with a sub 2 era) and more probably, haha


Yeah, congrats to Mike Rizzo for winning a pissing match with Kenny. His reward? A single compensatory draft pick.


The question becomes how many of those four do the Sox qualify? I’d have to assume Manny’s one year arb. deal to be astronomical therefore ruling out any chance.
The other three, though, the Sox should send arb. contracts to.


Dodgers could be an option, too, as Loney is a DFA candidate. Plus, I think they have some money coming off the books.


Dodgers have been in shed money mode since the divorce thing has been going on with ownership, sox will win that bidding war.