Jim Margalus

Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

On Dirty 30 Day, No. 31 cleans up

Gov. Pat Quinn said Thursday was “Mark Buehrle Day,” but it looked more like “Nick Swisher Day” from here. In his own way, Ozzie Guillen paid tribute to the guy who wouldn’t acknowledge him by playing a No. 30 with…

Lazy Monday

Channeling Ed Farmer, I’ll say this: It was nice to see the Sox show some signs of life in the Metrodome. Sure, those signs included Jermaine Dye restraining Alexei Ramirez from going after A.J. Pierzysnki and Ozzie Guillen booting Bazooka…

Richard might relieve, but probably not for long

If Clayton Richard were at all bothered by his apparently imminent demotion to the bullpen during his terrific start against Detroit, he didn't show it. When he wasn't holding the Tigers to one run over eight innings, he was the center of some horseplay in the dugout. That doesn't strike me as the behavior of a bitter, bitter man.

Bear with me

The server change is still proceeding slowly.  Brutally so.  Can you tell I’ve never done this before? But there’s another reason for the delay — the newspaper industry. I still have a job, but a lot of good people in…