Following up: Workplace injuries, including Eloy Jiménez’s

Around the time Whit Merrifield hit a deep fly to left field leading off the bottom of the first inning, Eloy Jiménez was pulling in nearly 70 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s “Who will lead the 2019 White Sox in homers?” poll.

That number started dropping after Jiménez collided with Charlie Tilson and left the game with what the White Sox called elbow soreness. I closed the poll after the beat writers said that Jiménez would return to Chicago for an MRI, and an injured list stint is just about assured.

The results of the poll, only slightly tainted:

  1. Eloy Jiménez, 65.4%
  2. Jose Abreu, 27.0%
  3. Yoan Moncada, 7.6%

Nobody really has even a firm guess regarding the time Jiménez is expected to miss. It could be just a bad hyperextension, but the way Jiménez’s arm dangled as he walked to the dugout opened the range of possibilities.

Tilson understands why you’re mad at him

“We are both running full speed, I called it, called it late,” a downcast Tilson said. “He probably didn’t hear me. I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about it. Really unfortunate. As an outfielder, you feel terrible, especially a guy like Eloy who means so much to our lineup.”

… but this occupational hazard arises when the everyday center fielder becomes the everyday shortstop, after which center field varies between members of an unestablished or underqualified cast, and Jiménez has been trying to establish his own range in left field. This isn’t even the first time Jiménez and Tilson collided.

Hopefully this is the last time they meet in the left-center gap, for one reason (Tim Anderson is healthy) or another (Luis Robert gives the Sox another real center fielder for once). OK, maybe one one in particular (Jiménez is absent long enough for roster churn to claim half the 40-man).

* * * * * * * * *

Along the lines of occupational hazards — and even “along the lines” — the White Sox became the first team to extend their protective netting from foul pole to foul pole. They had already been the first team to announce it, and when fans head to Guaranteed Rate Field for the homestand starting next Monday, this is what they’ll see.

Other teams have announced the intention to do so, and the Kansas City Royals are the latest. This one’s a noteworthy development, just because the timeline of their decision reflects the new reality:

Even if the White Sox weren’t the first to do it, they’d probably be mobilizing by now. Once one team showed its stadium could handle it, the other teams had less of an excuse subjecting their fans to that kind of risk. As I said before, something is lost with the screens, but as long as the parks keep getting more intimate and the exit velocities keep rising, it was going to be lost at some point regardless.

FiveThirtyEight studied 906 foul balls hit over 10 games on June 5, and noted that a majority of the hardest-hit foul balls ended up in sections not protected by netting. That’s probably validating what you already knew, but it’s something worth quantifying.

It’s also worth noting that in the graphic FiveThirtyEight used to accompany the article, three of the eight incidents mentioned involved the White Sox.

Two were at Guaranteed Rate Field, and the other one was a White Sox-Rays game at Tropicana Field in 2016, during which a Steven Souza Jr. shank found a 4½-inch gap between screens. The angle of the foul ball was incredibly unlikely, but so is the angle of Chris Sale’s delivery. Unpredictable things happen when the actions of insanely gifted people require reactions from insanely gifted people. Even the insanely gifted people aren’t guaranteed to come out unscathed.

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Really, the only surprising thing about that video of Tilson and Eloy colliding is that you don’t see Cordell, somewhere off in the background, trying to dive for the ball too.


I watched the replay of that dive 5 times, mouth agape.


I’ve seen guys come closer to making a catch when they trip and fall.

Trooper Galactus

Shades of Nick Swisher diving in a vain attempt to save a Gavin Floyd no-hitter.


DFA Charlie Tilson into the sun

As Cirensica

Add Cordell so Tilson has company in his trip to the sun

karkovice squad

comment image

Joliet Orange Sox

Cordell is a much better defensive outfielder than Tilson both by eye test and metrics. That says more about Tilson than Cordell but it’s not fair to lump them together as terrible defensive outfielders.

As Cirensica

OK…that is a nice cherry you picked. Now, do that table with WAR or other stats next to it in those players.


As much as I long for the day of never hearing Tilson’s name again (as well as Cordell, Herrera, et al), how the hell is Ricky getting a free pass on this? How many times have we seen collisions, near collisions or dropped fly balls in the outfield this season because of converging players? He’s supposed to be the manager to help teach the young guys “how to play the game right”. This team has so many holes, and for me manager is one of them.


The defense has always seemed to be that as long as they’re happy and play really hard, all the other things can be swept under the rug.


Not to sound like a Ricky defender, but its not like crashes don’t happen on good teams with good managers.


All the high-tech offseason training for pitching and hitting — what is there for fielding?


Aaron Rowand?

karkovice squad

And a fungo bat.

More seriously, Leury seems to have done fine shagging balls during BP.

Josh Nelson

MLB is ramping up their efforts in creating an International Draft.

Josh Nelson

From Eric Longenhagen’s FanGraphs chat:

Eric A Longenhagen
12:22 So, the early details/reactions we have on this are largely from the scouting community and they are very negative. The structure of the draft (hard slotting, tradeable picks to name two) can be screwed with quite a bit by motivated teams and there’s distaste for how soon it might be implemented given that some deals are already done (which is admittedly kind of funny). So yeah, it was an eventful int’l director meeting in Miami

emphasis on bold and underline are mine.


Rotating the picks by division is interesting but I can already see teams bitching if there isn’t a Moncada/Robert available during that year that you’re in the top 5. I’m assuming that the worst team in the division still drafts the highest in their section.

Josh Nelson

I’m not sure, but teams can trade these picks so maybe someone will be overwhelmed with an offer allowing another team to move up.


What’s the age to be draft eligible?

Josh Nelson

That’s a great question. I’m not sure, but I think signing age is 16.

Eagle Bones

I’m assuming this will meet little resistance from the union right? Actually, back up, this needs to be collectively bargained for, right?

Trooper Galactus

Does it? Honest question, just because my impression was that the MLBPA seems to have little interest in minor league players or the draft because they aren’t union members and most draftees aren’t liable to ever become members.

Greg Nix

Tony Clark just made noise about eliminating the stateside draft, so I imagine they’ll be against this. Though who knows how hard they’ll actually fight it.

Trooper Galactus

I just don’t understand how they can fight something that doesn’t involve their actual members. But hey, if they’re finally banging the drum for young players and prospects, great.


I remember that one in Tampa. Hawk was pretty shaken up by it.

Eagle Bones

Might be da man here as I haven’t been following every thread lately, but Moncada still hasn’t come up in FanGraphs Top 50 Trade Value series (and they’ve gotten down to number 21). I assume that means he’s somewhere in the top 20, which is pretty good and also significantly higher than I would have thought.


Looking at ZiPS 3 year projections, I’m not sure he’ll be on there.

Eagle Bones

I have to think he would have been in Kiley’s honorable mentions if he wasn’t on the list, no?


Would 13 WAR have been enough?


Tim Anderson made the honorable mention list and his ZiPS projections are worse than Moncada’s.


Well then, good for Yoan!

Greg Nix

Anderson is under control longer on a team-friendly contract.

karkovice squad

Jimenez on the IL with an ulnar nerve contusion, which is probably fancy words for banging his funny bone.

Mondesi has an at least partially dislocated shoulder.

Josh Nelson

and the White Sox called up Ryan Goins.

karkovice squad

Exhibit the…fuck it I lost count…of Sox questionable thinking around promotions.


Poor Danny Mendick.


Concerned they’d specifically mention the nerve when listing a bruised elbow.

Might just be having unwarranted Rodon flashbacks.

karkovice squad

Because it’s not an elbow bruise or not just one, it’s nerve damage.

Not really comparable to Rodon at all.


Why Goins? What future does he have with this team? Hahn is the stupidest GM in sports. He is an absolute MORON.


‘Moron/MORON’ is a bit harsh, I’d have went with ‘maroon’.

jose robcada

i took it as a sign that tim anderson is probably close to coming back… ya coulda done mendick but then u use another 40 man spot that would prolly go back down in a week… goins would be much easier to take back off the 40 man

thats pure speculation on my part tho