Podcast: Tell Me A Story I Don’t Know with George Ofman

Buy “Tell Me A Story That I Don’t Know” from your local bookstore or online here.


  • [Intro] Josh’s quick preview of “Tell Me A Story I Don’t Know’
  • [2:26] George Ofman, who spend almost 50 years covering Chicago sports on the radio, shares his experience launching a podcast
  • [6:07] What it was like for George to mentor Mike Greenberg
  • [7:21] A story about Ozzie Guillen path to becoming White Sox manager and how he took the job away from Cito Gaston
  • [12:54] A story about Jason Benetti’s path to becoming a broadcasting star and why he wasn’t going to be the White Sox play-by-play announcer for life
  • [16:56] A story about why Steve Stone is the best baseball color commentator Chicago has ever had, and what it’s like going out to dinner with him.
  • [20:52] A story about launching The Score
  • [23:14] How covering Chicago sports has changed over the years
  • [25:18] A White Sox story from George that Josh didn’t know
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As Cirensica

Josh – This was a fantastic podcast. Thank you for setting it up. George’s description of Eloy as brittle made me chuckle.


Agreed; it was a kick to hear this conversation between two generations of Chicago sports media.

Hard to believe that 820 The Score came on the air 32 years ago. The daytime license made for some dramatic programming shifts, but even though the autumn equinox meant there was going to be less programming (and the shift from baseball to Bears talk), I could at least take comfort in knowing Mike Murphy’s Cubastrophic show would soon be a victim of the early darkness.

Mike Greenberg is still in my mind the guy who alternated updates with George on McNeil & Boers.

I’m glad George mentioned Dan Lee, who owned WXRT and the onetime WAIT-AM 820. Having small-scale, local ownership made it possible for XRT and the nascent WSCR to build such strong identities, but the value of the licenses made selling to one of the big networks inevitable. (The only surprise was that Lee didn’t wait a year for the Telecommunications Act’s resulting feeding frenzy to drive up the price.)

Jim Margalus

I think of Mike Greenberg as a CLTV anchor.

As Cirensica

In other related news:

As expected: White Sox to land top international 3B prospect

Jim Margalus

Also as expected, White Sox to take their sweet time announcing signings.


Can i continue the trend?

As expected the White Sox ink a former Royal to a minor league deal

White Sox Sign Joe Barlow To Minor League Deal – MLB Trade Rumors


What’s the over/under for International Bonus Pool money traded in 2024 and when will the first trade be?

Also, what amount went unused in 2023?


This would make a good benchmark to judge Getz’s “I’m different” statement.


It’s just one source for rankings but Longenhagen ranks Eduardo Herrera at the bottom of all international players (out of 48) who are projected to receive bonus greater than 1M


Josh you and Jim do a great job in all regards but the two latest interviews you pre-recorded
( George Offman and Night Train Veeck) are among your very best efforts. I listened to them back to back while shoveling snow (well, actually using the snow blower). The interviews entertained and informed but you also gave each subject the chance to provide thoughtful responses to some questions that maybe they aren’t asked very often. Well played.

You also picked a good time to go to the Southern Hemisphere.