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Who knew that the White Sox were hiding the greatest GM of all time.

If he got that for Bummer just Imagine what he could get for Luis Robert. Maybe, Gunnar Henderson, Ashley Rutschman and Jackson Holliday? Or more?


More – every trade is 5 for 1.


Getz is now my all-time favorite White Sox GM!

He’s better than…..uh….uh…what’s that guy’s name?

Joliet Orange Sox

Every trade must now also include a low-level prospect who played for the Illini so it might be harder to make deals than you think. This is called the Donn Pall rule.

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I…love this trade? I am, what’s the word…? Pleased. I’m pleased with the Sox G.M. This is a strange sensation. I’m very confused.

Deja Vu

Josh…….I still don’t understand the White Sox logic;

  • They won’t sign Cody Bellinger at 7-years and $147m or $21m per year
  • They would sign Jordan Montgomery at 5-years and $106m or $21.1m per year.

I’d rather have an everyday player for $21m per year and not a 32 game starter (at best) for $21m. Is it the number of years? I definitely don’t like 5 year contracts for pitchers. Not a big fan of 7 year contracts for anyone, but I’d still take the everyday player.


White Sox logic is simple. $106 is less than $147. 5 is less than 7. Value doesn’t come into the equation.




Any chance Getz mentioning Moncada could play outfield is foreshadowing Chapman signing?