First Pitch: White Sox at Tigers

Comerica Park
(Photo by Bhargava Marripati from Pixabay

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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Mr. Curmudgeon

Ahhhh, Len is broadcasting with Stone. Very enjoyable!


Tigers radio roasting Sox outfield play. “I’ve never seen anything like that, a stand-up double on a single up the middle. I’ve never seen that in my life in a MLB game. Unacceptable.”


I didn’t see Benintendi’s positioning, but Robert was positioned in right center, and the grounder was through the left side of the infield. Robert looked to be running after it appropriately but had no chance to stop a double from his initial positioning. Maybe Benintendi had a chance, as I couldn’t see his positioning.

Mr. Curmudgeon

Stone said Benintendi was playing him to pull, so he was nearer the left field foul line.


Yeah, so with that, I don’t think there was anything the outfielders could have done. That’s a cavernous outfield, and the grounder just happened to go right between them. We’re probably in the triple digits of “unacceptable” plays this year, but I didn’t think that was one of them.


I trust the judgement of the community here over whatever Detroit’s announcers say (Andy Dickerson, Andy Dirks, I believe I heard).
They might be simply piling on at this point.
Thank you everyone.

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Tigers radio take was ‘no one wanted the ball. No communication.’


I did not see the play and your insight is appreciated.
PBP man initially chalked it up to Comerica park’s spacious outfield.
The color man then fired on the Sox.


Sox defense reaches Dean Martin status


I don’t mean to be bitter or petty but I could enjoy this Cub losing infinitely more than the Sox winning.


In this case petty is good. Lean into it.


How about the guy on here a couple of weeks ago who said he was so disgusted that he bought a Cubs hat? I hope that his credentials were revoked. What a douche.


Interesting to speculate on what Moncada could have been if his injuries and or fitness were handled differently. Not saying that the Sox botched it, but just wondering if a different approach would have been more effective.


I didn’t start watching until the 7th. I claim responsibility for the explosion.

Joliet Orange Sox

I’m ok with you claiming responsibility for it but I draw the line at you taking credit for it.


Terrorist offense?


How fitting that the only Sox player who has exceeded expectations this year is the one nobody wants to cheer for.

As Cirensica

It’s hard to cheer for him when he plays in Florida