White Sox Wake-Up Call: Aug. 24, 2023

On today’s episode:

  • Sox win in 10
  • Kopech leaves early again
  • Chris Getz looks like lead hen
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As Cirensica


I am having all kind of errors on the site. The “Nonce is invalid” message is pretty much a fixture. I can’t use Google Chrome to post. So I have to use Microsoft browser where I don’t get these “Nonce is invalid errors”. I have searched solutions but I can’t seem to find any useful one.

Also, when I try to edit a post, I get a message saying I am posting too fast which pretty much disable the editing function.


Same in Chrome and Safari for iPhone


Yep I had to switch to Edge too. I still can’t edit but at least I can post.


I was having this problem yesterday. I cleared my cache, then got pulled away for a while. When i came back, it was working.

Jim Margalus

Clearing browser cache seems to work in the short term. I’m going to try to implement a bigger fix tonight.

As Cirensica

Thank you Jim…truly appreciate it.

Edit: tried to post this in Chrome, but the “Nonce is invalid” wall was there…so I had to use Microsoft Edge. This is too weird.


I was (and apparently still am) having the same problem, but was able to comment by using an incognito tab in Chrome (if you’d prefer that to a different browser).

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