Podcast: Worst Week for White Sox

Record Date: 8/27/2023


  • Is this the worst week in White Sox history?
  • Addressing the report from Bob Nightengale that Chris Getz is set to be the next General Manager.
  • White Sox hitters pad numbers against Oakland
  • Series Preview: Baltimore Orioles
  • MLB Postseason Picture
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I know it’s the worst timing but I finally got my visa and I’m visiting Chicago next month. Any tips for Guarantee Rate field? Besides patience with the waiting lines.

Right Size Wrong Shape


As Cirensica

Too soon?


Purely anecdotal, but Gate 5 (north side of 35th, behind the ChiSox restaurant) has seemed the most efficient at getting people in.


But you do have the stairs, I agree though it’s my favorite way in if I’m not rushing from lot E/F


So now they’re combating gun violence by requiring visas to get in the park?

As Cirensica

I hope you have a great experience at GFR, a stadium that’s been on my list of stadiums to visit for years.


Thank you 🙂


I’m not sure if any of the remaining series are considered Prime (or whatever they call it). if you have a 500 level ticket in those series, you can’t walk the 100 level concourse and this has always been a pet peeve of mine. Something to look into for your first time at the stadium. You’ll want to be able to see it all I’d imagine.


100 level is the play for a first visit, certainly.


I did get tickets for the 100 level. I was aware of the park restrictions.


Any tips? Yes grab a beer on your way to get food and then another on your way back to your seat. 🙂

Oh, and if it’s hot I do recommend the helmet of ice cream around the 7th inning. It’s located on the RF concourse.


Sounds good.


This might not be for everyone but if you get unlucky w weather, hustle over to the “Vizzy Vue Bar”. You can grab a seat that overlooks the field while still being covered, and getting food/beverages without walking all over the place. You enter via staircase directly next to section 157ish (near left field foul pole)


Isn’t that one of the new things they added this year?


It’s been around about 5 years, name keeps changing


There might have been a few bad weeks back in 1919. But in my 60 plus years of following this team, last week was undoubtedly the worst week ever. EVER! Never to happen, but the commissioner should pick up the phone and ask the first person at Sox Park who picks up the receiver , what the blank is happening over there! But that’s just me. By the way, all 1919 Sox players were not guilty in a court of law. One of my pet peeves.


Alejandro De Aza was great because of his many on field deaths, only to rise again.

Joliet Orange Sox

The link above features a story Jim wrote in 2012 and the accompanying picture of De Aza shows him in a throwback red-pinstriped Sox uniform. I’d love to see the Sox bring those throwbacks back in place of the 1983 uniforms at least some of the time. They were great uniforms worn by fun teams that saved baseball on the south side.

(Also, the Sox should honor Wilbur Wood while he’s still alive. Wood put up a 39.1 bWAR for the Sox during the five seasons the team wore the red pinstripes (out of the 51.7 bWAR total he put up for the Sox). 39.1 bWAR in 5 years is a pretty good run.)


A+ idea to honor Wilbur Wood. Such an event could tie-in to unveiling the return of those early 70s unis to replace the 83s.


Brilliant idea!


That ‘72 season was awesome.