First Pitch: White Sox vs. Athletics

(Sox Machine photo)

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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Right Size Wrong Shape

Jesse Scholtens Game, incoming…


2 HRs in 3 games for Benintendi

He’s on a rampage


Benibombs will come often enough to make forget Burgurbombs.


We’ve reached the I don’t give a F how many HRs Benintendi finishes with point, we stopped counting at 2 and that’s what he going to wear the rest of the season.


You’re missing out on quite a power surge. He’s doubled his HR total in 3 days. Let’s see Judge do that.

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As Cirensica

Judge has 4 homers in the last 2 games


You’re taking me seriously. That’s a mistake.


Is that with his left hand or his right?


We’re learning where Grifol’s head is now that he doesn’t officially answer to anyone. To have both Andrus and Thompson in the lineup shows how low his baseball IQ is. To be platooning Colas at this point is a fireable offense only there’s no one there to fire him.


Fantastic catch by Robert. He’s taken over Engel’s HR robbing responsibilities.


We are who Oakland dreams about.



He was playing it up on some talk show this morning, he’ll probably never get an interview.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I heard Morosi discussing this with Parkins & Haugh this afternoon. It didn’t sound like he had considered it when they brought up Rizzo, but he thought Rizzo would be a good fit because he has experience dealing with difficult owners and being successful.

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I don’t know if he’s my top option, but that would be so much better than Getz and the rest of the KC crew. I wonder if that’s just a leverage play though.


I wouldn’t be opposed. Worth an interview


Jerry interviewing and going through an actual process for an important hire? Probably will never happen, he’s just going off Larussas decaying spider senses on this one. Even GMs are using the Sox as leverage plays since they know the org is a joke.


I see hustling to first still isn’t a priority.


Protecting the 2024 assets.


Benetti crossing over into turdism right before our very eyes.


Robert having one of those rob a homer/hit a homer games.


I think the new GM should acquire more Luis Roberts.


Sure, you think we should transition from a 1b/DH heavy team to a CF/SS heavy team and then….oh, wait, nevermind.


And they will of course try to convert them all into SPs.


Has the real Jesse Scholtens finally decided to reveal himself?

Joliet Orange Sox

If you watch carefully, you can read Tony Kemp’s lips just after he hit his homer and he’s saying “This one’s for you BonusBaby!”


There’s no shame in losing to the A’s.

My entire knowledge of the 2023 A’s is based off of their games against the Sox, but I can tell with their impressive performances that they are certainly in the thick of the AL West race and will easily win 90+ games.


Benetti kept billing this series as WS seeking revenge for being swept in Oakland. It’s kind of like coming home and finding your wife in bed with another man and when you catch them in the act, she asks if you could please get her a coke because she’s thirsty…..

….and you do.