Sporcle Saturday: Counting to 100 (RBI)

White Sox first baseman Andrew Vaughn
(Photo by Matt Marton/USA TODAY Sports)

Good morning!

On Friday morning’s post, Jim outlined the uncertainty surrounding Andrew Vaughn. Noted within that text was a nugget that Vaughn leads the team in RBIs with 53, allowing for the possibility that he could eclipse the 100 RBI mark later this season. (Assuming he can drag his RISP results back out of the trash can)

If Vaughn could do it, it would mark the first White Sox player to achieve that particular feat since 2021, and the first different player to do so dating back to 2011, and the first non-first baseman since 2008. Suffice to say, this franchise hasn’t had a lot of Big Boppers of late.

Today, we’ll be looking at past 100-RBI seasons: in all there are 65 player-seasons. How many can you name? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • I’ve allotted 10 minutes for completion attempts.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the number of RBI and the year.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your friends and family:

  • The average triple-slash of the players on this list: .306/.385/.526
  • The youngest player on this list was 23 (3 players), while the oldest was 37 (1 player).
  • Just 5 players on this list also recorded 200+ hits.

Direct link here

All data from stathead.com

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Oh, offense. Thank you Ted. 65/65 with 6:10 remaining and I spent the last minute guessing past Sporcle luminaries before getting the more delightfully-named 1930 run producer.

Who might still be among this season’s RBI leaders despite being over 100. And dead.


64/65. Had 64 with about 6:00 left, but drew a blank on the 1926 guy. One player has driven in 100 runs in the Hahn regime. Good job, Rick!!


Am I misreading or did you mean to say that Vaughn is  a “non-first baseman”?