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Unless the White Sox have new ownership in two years, Cease should be traded now. He’s the one player that could get a couple top prospects.


With the exception of Quero, the prospects acquired seem to be depth pieces. Depth the Sox didn’t have, so that’s good. But guys whose best case is back of the rotation starter or backup catcher aren’t changing the fortunes of a franchise.

And even Quero has done work to do. Holding his own as a 20-year old against AA pitching is great. But when a guy came out of nowhere to jump into the top 100 and then sees his home runs go from 17 to 3 you do really have to wonder if we just grabbed a falling knife. I love that he gets on base, but that skill doesn’t always mean anything in guys who lack both power and speed.


How is Rick Hahn making these trades today and not thoroughly embarrassed at himself? I think Jerry needs to make a bold move and make Hawk Harrelson the new GM now. LOL

King Joffrey

I’m a little concerned that Hahn got fleeced again, picking up Trayce Thompson while Jared Mitchell, Keenyn Walker and Courtney Hawkins are still out there – somewhere. No way we’ll be competitive in 2018.


Trayce Thompson is a throw-in and a DFA candidate. He does nothing to move the needle forward for the White Sox.