Sox Machine Live: Giolito and Lopez traded to Angels

A lunch-time edition of Sox Machine Live! as Josh recaps the trade news and discusses who could be next in being dealt.

The stream starts at 12:00 PM CT.

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“I think we’ll be surprised what kind of return the White Sox get for Lance Lynn”

Are we taking an educated guess here?


Compared to other recent trades of rentals, Hahn got an objectively great return.

But I can’t let him off the hook because there was probably a window of time during which extending Giolito would have been greater. Giolito will be the best player involved in this trade for at least the next 3 seasons. I get the aversion to the risk of a starting pitcher extension, but this is about as durable and “high floor” as a starter can be.


Are we sure thats the correct pronunciation of Quero? Maybe he didn’t wanted to correct people. Or maybe it’s one of those peculiar cuban pronunciation. I wouldn’t be surprised either way.