Podcast: Learning about Jacob Gonzalez (and Calvin Harris) with Chase Parham, Ole Miss Rivals

Record Date: 7/10/2023

With the Chicago White Sox using their first-round pick on Ole Miss shortstop Jacob Gonzalez, Josh Nelson reached out to Chase Parham from Ole Miss Rivals for his insight. They discuss Gonzalez’s time in Oxford, his approach at the plate, defensive ability, lack of speed, and what the new White Sox draftee has to work on to reach the majors.

While recording, the White Sox selected Ole Miss catcher Calvin Harris in the fourth round for bonus content.

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Al Kohallik

I hope these all turn into gems, because the Sox and their fans truly need that. The thing that scares me now, this if FO drafted the first 10 HoFers elected to Hall you’d never heard of 7 of them


Really liked the Calvin Harris update.

Fingers crossed!