Podcast: 2023 MLB Draft Preview with Jim Callis


  • Jim Callis joins the show and immediately asks Josh who he wants the White Sox to take at pick 15
  • How does the 2023 class compare to other classes?
  • How does the MLB Draft Combine factor into decision-making for teams?
  • Latest rumors on what Pittsburgh could do with the first pick.
  • Latest rumors about the direction the White Sox could go with their first-round pick
  • Questions from Sox Machine Patreon supporters
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Excellent interview. Really looking forward to the draft this year. After reading some of the profiles, I would totally be cool with Jacob Gonzalez, as his offensive toolset is something the White Sox could really use.

Totally agree about the disconnect between the different parts of the org. Seems like guys were hearing contradictory messages between different levels and I think it’s definitely had an effect on how some of them have developed. A lack of strong org philosophy when it comes to player development has really hurt this franchise, imo.

Also, Waldrep came up several times as a guy that will probably fall to the White Sox, but who they won’t take. Is there a reason? Do they think he’ll ask for over-slot or they just don’t believe in the skills/stuff?


I heard the comments regarding Sox player development and their minor league system… Let’s face it, Sox have had far to many misses than successes with developing players they have drafted. And, I do not see that changing under the current ownership and front office staff.

They have lagged and continue to lag behind most of the other teams, when it comes to drafting, scouting & player development. I have heard from several resources, the Sox still have one of the smallest front offices in MLB. They have not and continue to not allocate sources that other teams have done as it pertains scouting/drafting & their minor league system. The Sox have far too many former failed prospects now coaching in their minor league systems. The Sox have always done this. The #1 reason, is the miserly ways this ownership operates. This is one time, where those who cannot do, should not be teaching.

Look at Cleveland, the Dodgers, Tampa, Houston, New York and until recently the Padres. All have large front office staffs dedicated to drafting/scouting and very good minor league systems. The Sox should have emulated that long ago. But not at Reinsdorf’s age and his tight fist ways with spending… It is not feasible now to expect the Sox to change… that is until new ownership is brought in.

So for now, fans will have to except being mired in mediocrity as the best case scenario.

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