Podcast: Missed Opportunity Against Miami

Record Date: 6/11/2023


  • Josh is back from Toronto and catches up with Jim on what he missed this weekend.
  • What’s going on with Tim Anderson?
  • Why does this offense continue to sputter?
  • Series Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers
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re: the “How did it come to this?” discussion:

It’s an organizational failure. From scouting (pro and amateur), to player development, to coaching, to the FO and the players. They’re a wholly unserious organization.

And it won’t change until Jerry “I don’t know how any of these teams make money” Reinsdorf is gone. That’s just the truth of it.


Walked away from both losses this weekend with a surprising lack of disappointment. The Marlins outplayed them in both.

I want to see playoff baseball on the South Side, but now more than ever I don’t want to see this team rewarded for playing mediocre baseball, getting by with the absolute minimum.


I was listening to the bit about the lackluster offense and I laughed out loud when Jim said this, when talking about Marcus Semien versus Tim Anderson et al:

“[Marcus Semien]’s good and young and durable!”

And Semien isn’t young! He’s older than Anderson!

Which I don’t think makes the sentiment wrong; TA has FELT old in recent years due to his knee problems, etc. But I thought it was interesting in how easy it is to assign “youth” to players simply when they produce at expected levels