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Oh….boy. Can’t say I remember a guy scoring from 2nd on a pickoff. TA comes through again


Seby!! Great at bat!


Sox defense is just killing them today. Combined with good Red Sox d.

As Cirensica

This year’s White Sox has to be the boringness White Sox team ever. I think I had more fun warching the tanking years than this hapless squad.

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Watching reruns of Alf is more enjoyable than this year’s South Side turdshow.

The one where he makes the music video is enjoyable. That song’s a jam.


Been watching for 1.5 innings. Jason has mentioned the high number of Ks from Sox’ pitching like 4x already. You cannot tell me there’s not some sort of mandate from Jerry/whoever to keep things positive, carry the water for the org. It’s nauseating


In fairness the pitching has been amazing tonight. I mean 17 k’s, 4 hits, 1 er. That’s incredible. But the offense is killing again. They are Dexter. The opponents are psychotic serial killers hiding bodies in the basement. Sox never fail.


You guys really need to stop watching for your own good. If I can do it, anyone can. Baseball is my favorite sport, has been since I was 3 or 4. I watched the Sox thru all the bad years, which are most of the last 50 years. My sons and I decided not to get the MLB.TV package this year because of the 3 stooges. Best decision we made. I’ll bet tonight’s game was another infuriating game. Great pitching, little to no offense. Try not watching them for awhile. I’ll bet you’ll be happy you did.

Malgar 12

I agree. I didn’t renew MLB.tv either. Mostly because I didn’t use it enough last year, because the Sox were so unpalatable in 2022 that I often stopped watching or or never bothered to turn it on. I expected the same this year. I also decided not to renew because of MLB’s embrace of Apple TV exclusive games, gambling and advertising patches.

MLB doesn’t have a birthright to my hard earned money and I can live without them even while remaining a fan. We — those of us who are old enough anyway —forget how it used to be. When I was kid growing up in MI, my most rabid fandom years in many ways, I was lucky to be able to watch the Sox on TV 10 times a year (1-2 year on national broadcasts on NBC and whenever WDIV out of Detroit broadcast Sox/Tigers games). The 1990 season was so fun that I would listen to the Sox — barely — on WMAQ after the sun went down on my portable Sony Walkman digital radio. I still remember listing to the Andy Hawkins no-hitter game through almost constant static. (Ahh…John Rooney was great). In those days, you might have to wait until reading the morning box score in the Free Press or Ann Arbor News to see what happened the night before, and if the Sox were on the West coast you might not find out for two days.

The Sox (and MLB) take fans and our money for granted. You’re not obligated to give it to them. If you don’t like what they’re doing, don’t. The Sox are a train wreck. Manfred’s disdain for the fans is palpable (e.g. his Oakland reverse boycott comments). If you’ve already paid for MLB.tv, and you’re not having fun, its a sunk cost. Don’t compound your misfortune by doubling down and watching more. If you’re not enjoying yourself turn it off. Tune out and follow along on Sox Machine while checking digital box scores (as replacement for the newspaper). It’s not quite the 1980s, but it’s sure been working for me.


I like watching baseball. The key isn’t to stop watching, it’s to stop letting losses ruin our days. White Sox fans should prescribe themselves a yearly, medicinal cocktail: (1) watch Jimmy Fallon’s speech near the end of Fever Pitch about how “the Red Sox never let you down” and (2) read Saint Augustine on ordo amoris.

In almost every game, win or lose, there’s drama, a great play, something fun I’ve never seen before, and I get to watch my favorite players. The delicious cherry on top is I get to watch with this community. Of course I get too emotionally invested and frustrated all the time. But “stop watching” rings hollow because I still enjoy it, even when the Sox are embarrassingly bad. I even enjoy talking about how they are embarrassingly bad! Does that make me sick and twisted? I don’t think so. I think it just makes me a White Sox fan.


The game is over. 9 comments. That says it all for how fan-killing the Sox are.

As Cirensica

I seriously watched about 3 innings and it was unbearably boring. Errors and quick innings with quick at bats ending in routine plays as if the White Sox existence was to make infield defensive drills.


I was following on my phone at a high school doubleheader. We lost twice.


Trust me I’d have MCWS on if it wasn’t an off night. That stuff is eons better than white Sox baseball

As Cirensica