FutureSox Podcast: It’s crisis time for the Chicago White Sox

Mike Rankin and James Fox opened the show by reacting to the disastrous start to the 2023 season for the Chicago White Sox. Mike and James shared perspective on what’s to come ahead of the July 31 MLB trade deadline. Later, the show offered updates on Noah Schultz, Garrett Crochet, the 2023 MLB Draft and much more. 

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As Cirensica

Good podcast. Thanks guys.


Its really hard to envision even the 2025 club being a contender:

A look ahead to who would be under contract still:

C Seby, Perez
1b Vaughn Sheets
2nd Sosa Gonzalez Rodriguez
SS Montgomery
3rd Moncada Burger
LF Benintendi
CF Robert
RF Colas
DH Jiminez

1 Cease
2 Kopech
3 Mena ???
4 Crochet ???
5 Burke / Martin / Simas / Pallette / Cannon / Thompson / Vera

Santos / Bummer / Foster / Banks / Middleton

Obviously guys you trade will bring back prospects and you have a couple draft classes before 2025 but does anyone expect this organization to develop enough talent, or sign enough high end talent to make this core a winner??? I sure as heck dont.

The more I look at the 2024-2026 next three years, I would be heavily focused on pitching and catching in the draft. Huge voids in the system at these spots.

Alfornia Jones

No chance the new regime picks up the 25 option for Moncada. Decline it and offer QO and hope he declines. Ramos should be ready too. May as well trade Eloy too, still too many DH’s

it’s a relatively inexpensive team, so they could spend large on SP and catcher to jump back in. Winning 75-85 games with that team is probably reasonable. could even qualify for possible lightning in the bottle philosophy.


The problem with the spend money route is that the next 2 free agent classes are pretty barren unless you’re in on the Ohtani sweepstakes. It’s quite possible that Giolito is the best non-two-way pitcher available this winter and Yaz is the best Catcher available… ’25 is even more scarce. Add to it our barren minors and there’s little chance for immediate help from the draft and you are left with only trades to improve at least in the short term.
This really sucks, how do you not get fired for this?


“they could spend big” bro…. they have half these guys now and are a 65 win team, how do they get to 75-85

The farm is shockingly slim for a team that under took such a drastic rebuild


Middleton is a FA this winter.


Appreciate the pods and coverage.


Proof that the Sox know how to draft: MLB.com lists Ian Hamilton as a breakout reliever.