Podcast: Trouble with the Heat

Record Date: 1/22/2023

  • Josh and Jim breakdown the Minnesota Twins and Miami Marlins deal that sent Luis Arraez to South Beach for starting pitcher Pedro Lopez.
  • Josh went down the StatCast rabbit hole and noticed new trends regarding RHP fastball use and average velocity. From there, he unearthed which White Sox batters have to improve against this pitch in 2023 and why Andrew Benintendi could be a big help.

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Unbelievable Jim, a 5 minute apology rant that’s concluded with blaming everything on TLR. Absolutely pitiful.




On another note, Josh really nice job on the deep dive into the fastball stats. Very informative.


not loving these vibes


I mean I get it. Abreu is a franchise legend and Eloy probably didn’t want to be like “oh yeah, so and so will definitely fill his shoes.” That kind of disses Abreu while putting pressure on someone who may not want it. I’m confident someone emerge once the team takes the field.


Question: Does the fact that Liam Hendriks is out with a non-baseball issue that will likely keep him out the whole year impact the payroll at all? Like does he still count against the luxury tax calculation and all that?