P.O. Sox: Wet blanket on a hot stove

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Trooper Galactus

I swear, if Yoelquis Cespedes’s name was Al Smith nobody would be paying any attention to him.


I would be deeply impressed if Al Smith was in the mix for an OF spot on the 2023 White Sox.


I’d be even more impressed by this Al Smith:

Right Size Wrong Shape
To Err is Herrmann

Perhaps we are overlooking other factors in Pollock’s decision. $5 million for doing absolutely nothing besides walking away is a deal many American workers would take. It is possible a lower annual salary in 2023 might put him in a better tax bracket, allowing him to finally add that above-ground pool to his backyard.


At second base, do we want to see the Sox try another bandaid that will probably fail miserably or should they simply let Sosa and Jose Rodriguez battle it out in spring training? I am very curious if Rodriguez could be the long term solution here.

Trooper Galactus

Rodriguez is still very young and struggled badly in AA for half the season. I think he belongs in AAA to start 2023, and if he can flip a switch like he did in 2022, he should be in line for a swift promotion.


Sosa showed nothing to indicate he was ready to take over in Chicago and Jose struggled for half a year in AA. If that’s your plan A, man… you could easily end up 50 ABs into the season and be staring down plan C which you don’t have.


Yeah, I think you give Lenyn the lead in a race. If he fails, Mendick my be healthy by then. Still have Leury for a while. Romy too. Probably Yolbert Sanchez too. Those 5 can bridge 2023 to Jose Rodriguez.


The Benitendi discussion reminds me of what Earl Weaver said (i think it was him) – give me people who can do SOMETHING and I’ll use them accordingly. Or something like that.

Joliet Orange Sox

Benintendi was the #1 prospect according to both Baseball America and mlb.com going into the 2017 season. (Sox fans have no trouble naming the #2 prospect on both lists.)