White Sox 3, Twins 2: Back to .500

White Sox win

It was a long day for the Chicago White Sox players. They met with their former manager Tony La Russa before he announced his second retirement from baseball. Then they heard Rick Hahn paint a murky, possibly grim picture of this upcoming offseason. After all this, they collectively had to play a game against an opponent who was just as checked out as they were.

Minnesota jumped out to a 2-0 lead early thanks to Gio Urshela’s first-inning homer, but the White Sox came back against their rivals. Thanks to a two-run bomb from Josh Harrison and the game-winning RBI from Carlos Perez, the White Sox held on for a 3-2 victory. 

White Sox grabbed the lead when AJ Pollock singled to lead off the seventh inning, and after watching both Harrison and Mark Payton fly out, he stole second base. On a full count, Perez hit a slow roller that was perfectly placed between short and third to trickle into left field. Pollock motored home, and Perez picked up his first career RBI. 

That lead held until the ninth inning when Liam Hendriks took over and made it pretty interesting. Pregame, Hendriks admitted to the media he looked for strikeouts more this year because he didn’t trust his teammates behind him defensively. That tendency showed when Hendriks allowed a single, hit a batter, and then walked the bases loaded. Continuing to show the same fire and passion no matter the circumstance, Hendriks pumped a high fastball by Mark Contreras to strike out the side. 

Johnny Cueto made what very well could be his last start with the White Sox. He delivered another seven innings, which the Twins only did their damage in the first inning. After that, Cueto pitched six scoreless innings while striking out four. He finishes his 2022 season with a 3.35 ERA and a win-loss record of 8-10. 

Somehow, the White Sox are back to .500. There’s still an opportunity to win the season series against Minnesota and finish above .500. Maybe that shred of pride left is enough to end 2022 on the highest note they can. 

Box Score:

  • This series will likely be the last in a Minnesota Twins uniform for Carlos Correa. He went 3-for-4. 
  • AJ Pollock went 2-for-3 with two runs scored
  • Josh Harrison has hit seven home runs in 2022
  • Jose Abreu was 1-for-3 with a walk

Record: 80-80 | Box Score

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We’ll have all offseason to bash this organization, so for now, I’m gonna take a minute to appreciate Johnny Cueto. Just imagine how horrible this team would’ve been without him. It’s always fun when a veteran shows they still have something left in the tank, especially a guy who’s been so entertaining for so long. Would be great for him to come back next year.

Trooper Galactus

If the White Sox are slashing payroll, he’s probably gonna be out of reach financially.


Elvis was nothing but very good as well. I know that collapse line about Cleveland will live on but it wasn’t his fault what happened after.


“We’re not going to just be able to throw money at the problem. So, you have to get creative and the trade market may be a more fruitful path for us to go as opposed to free agency in the coming months,” Hahn said.

Lol – I suppose if throwing good money after (likely and what do you know turns out to be) bad is your only MO with FA signings, then I suppose Hahn is reasonable to arrive at this conclusion.

More of the same.


Yep. I went and looked at his FA signings through the years and it’s brutal. I mean, any one of us in here could do a better job provided JR would allow it. I was stunned how bad the signings have been.
And Hahn has had 7 losing seasons and 2 winning seasons so far not including this season. That he stood up there yesterday chirping about the last 2 seasons is idiotic.
Once again though, the problem starts at the very top.


And now everyone is supposed to trust that Hahn will make good deals trading out of the farm system to retool this team?

Right Size Wrong Shape

I have a feeling the deals will be something like, “We’ll give you Lenyn Sosa and Jake Diekman for one of your bad contracts that we can try to sell our fanbase on.”


Hopefully it will be a RF! Or 2B. I really have no idea who they can trade without hurting the team. He can’t trade Cease or Montgomery. Shouldn’t trade Vaughn. I’d give Robert another season with the proper training. Bummer was hurt and Hendricks is old. Anderson’s contract is good for the Sox and even so, who would replace him?
I know odds are against it but Hahn really has to hit a HR with his managerial pick. I still don’t think the window has closed on this team but he has to do everything right this off season. New coaching staff, new trainers……..we all know the drill.


We as fans have to choose our poison. Free agency or trades with Hahn making those decisions. Supposedly.


I do want to point out that last night’s game was generally enjoyable to watch. Some time in the next couple of days we will no longer be able to say that for several months.

Cueto was a delight. Sheets’ rifle throw to second to cut down Correa showed the progress he has made in right. Harrison’s fence scraper. Perez’ first career RBI for the go-ahead run and his sold work behind the plate.

Lots and lots of issues to work through this offseason, but let’s savor generally solid baseball on the field. It might be April before we can do that again.