Sox Machine on Air: Roundtable episode with Bernstein and Holmes

If you missed Josh and Jim on the Bernstein and Holmes Show, the full episode is below for your listening enjoyment.

On-air date: 10/6/2022

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More like Bernstein and Holmes joined The Sox Machine Podcast with Josh and Jim.


This 81 win team has give or take a couple bucks 170 million committed (assuming pollock picks up his option) to a roster that loses 3 key contributors in Abreu, Cueto, and Andrus. LOL and absolutely no one in the front office has been held the least bit accountable.


Just read that Heyman says JR is going to let the Williams/Hahn duo to pick the new manager. That’s big of him! He said he’s hearing the names of Estrada, Quatraro, Brewers bench coach Pat Murphy and Shildt. I know nothing about Murphy but if I had to choose between those names, I’m going with Shildt. Heyman did say they were the early names.


Robert Murray talked up Pat Murphy bigtime on the CHGO White Sox show. Said he was Craig Counsell’s mentor and just an overall fantastic asset for the Brewers.

Jim Margalus

I like the idea of Brewers personnel on the White Sox, because they’re pretty good at in-season problem solving.


Agreed. The Brewers are the org. that the White Sox should model imo.


All the talk about Jay Cuda’s Sox records I went to Baseball Reference and after this season ended, the Sox all-time record stands at 9492-9390. 121 years of playing and they are 102 games over .500 for a .503 winning percentage.
See? It’s not just Reinsdorf!