Podcast: Sox Machine Offseason Plan Project 2023 Primer

Record Date: 10/27/2022

  • The Sox Machine Offseason Plan Project starts on Friday, October 28th.
  • This episode serves as a guide in helping you submit your offseason plan.
  • Which White Sox arbitration-eligible players are at risk of being non-tendered?
  • How could the White Sox handle Josh Harrison’s club option
  • What could Johnny Cueto sign for in free agency
  • Free agency targets that would be a good fit for the White Sox
  • A look at the White Sox trade assets
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If that report is legit on Nimmo then there is no point in thinking he is a possibility for the whitesox.

I even think the 190 number is generous, Jerry and co know that they can be at like 150-160 and still finish 2nd which is the goal.


I wouldn’t touch Brandon Nimmo with a 10 foot pole with any 100M+ Contract.

He played 92 games in 2021, 69 games in 2019, 69 games in 2017. Hes lost MAJOR time every other year thus far in his career, and 2023 will be his age 30 season. I absolutely LOVE His fit on paper, but the Whitesox Number crunch is too severe right now to take on that risk to me


Big market clubs can sign 5 of these types of guys and if 1 or 2 go down no big deal the whitesox have never signed 1 of these types so I totally agree if the sox were gonna go after the “1” big time free agent that person would have to be a fixture of health which nimmo is not, you know like if machado or harper were ever available in their prime.


Eagerly Awaiting you all to open the floodgates for posting!

I’ve got the day off work, so hoping to put a solid hour+ into building my plan. Spoiler – I’m definitely Trading Hendricks, and possibly one of Eloy or Vaughn


Is there anywhere that has crowd-sourced estimates of free agent contracts? Or estimates by reputable thinkers?

When I started mapping things out, a couple of my targets were shown on a site with contracts that I could live with. Then later I saw other estimates that were higher. Then I saw other estimates that were higher still. I need to see if I can still justify either of these guys in my plan.


The last 3 years have made comps and estimating really difficult. First covid year then pre-lockout year, then shortened post-lockout year. A return to normalcy and bigger budgets should increase prices. Also, it’s a pretty shallow market so the top end is going to be higher. I do not find spotrac estimates to be very reliable.


Fangraphs and MLBTradeRumors do this, but I don’t they’ll be available until mid-late November.


Thank you both.