White Sox announce Tony La Russa, Luis Robert done for season

Now that there’s nothing to play for, the White Sox finally got around to confirming what all audio/visual evidence and life experience had suggested for weeks: Tony La Russa should not be managing, and Luis Robert should not be playing.

The White Sox announced that Miguel Cairo will be leading the team the rest of the season, as La Russa didn’t receive clearance from doctors to return to his job.

Accompanying that release was an announcement of four roster moves, headlined by Robert’s surrender to the IL for his sprained left wrist. Mark Payton will be taking his spot in the outfield, while the pitching staff swapped out Tanner Banks for Joe Kelly, who is back from the Family Medical League List.

Rick Hahn explained the White Sox’s rationale behind the timing, although there isn’t much rational about it.

Regarding the managerial position, Hahn said doctors had officially given La Russa a recovery timeline and protocol, and Hahn was unwilling to address the implications for 2023 until the end of the season. I don’t have reason to doubt the medical advice, but performance had been an issue long before his health intervened.

As for Robert, Hahn said three different hand specialist said he only needed rest, but that’s also what his stats and swing had been screaming for most of the last six weeks. Robert hit just .156/.192/.222 over 47 plate appearances since he jammed his hand into Jonathan Schoop’s leg on a stolen base attempt on Aug. 12. There was a brief window where he might’ve looked playable, but that closed for good on Sept. 6, when he took a Logan Gilbert pitch to the hand. Robert went 1-for-23 with eight strikeouts in September before they’d finally seen enough.

Payton had been worthy of a promotion the whole time. The Orland Park native hit .293/.369/.539 for Charlotte, with 61 extra-base hits, 15 steals, 54 walks and just 76 strikeouts over 539 plate appearances. He’s also a lefty without noteworthy platoon splits, which would’ve helped balance the lineup, even if only on paper.

Given that Payton is 30 years old and went just 7-for-40 with 12 strikeouts over two cups of coffee with the Reds the last two years, he might very well be the quintessential AAAA player who won’t be able to give the Sox any sort of jolt. The problem is that a one-handed Robert set the bar so low that replacement-level types could clear it easily, so Payton wouldn’t have had to achieve much to still help. If Payton’s performance actually translates to the Sox for even a small sample, a lot of people will be happy for him, but it’ll only make the organization look worse for not making the change sooner.

With Robert done for the year, that leaves Tim Anderson and Michael Kopech as the last current questions standing, and neither one’s services is necessary. Anderson would need a proper rehab stint for his surgically repaired hand before he could be expected to offer more than what Elvis Andrus is doing, and Hahn said Kopech likely needs a cyst removed from his knee, so he may as well add a couple of weeks to his offseason in order to properly address all the parts that went wrong.

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For the sake of Robert, Anderson, and Kopech, it’s a good thing the Sox didn’t make the playoffs.

Trooper Galactus

Grom the players to the manager, this organization seems like it’s doing everything it can to cripple or kill their personnel. There’s probably some one-legged concessionaire being forced to hawk beer in the nosebleeds.


And the worst part is, Stump McSuds got hurt at work. This is the organization’s way of taking care of him, letting him work to make money.


Last season Eaton was having trouble not falling down in RF. A hint of what was to come. But I never thought I would ever see players taking repeated at bats that were painful to watch.

Trooper Galactus

Never mind them trying to squeeze an inning out of Kopech when he clearly couldn’t throw without pain.


A fitting end to this piece of shit season.

To Err is Herrmann

If the 2022 White Sox season is a Greek tragedy, then Tony La Russa got airlifted out of the play Deus Ex Machina. It is a kind of tragic season in that the fatal flaws of Jerry, Hahn, TLR and the Injury-Prone Bad-Against-RHP Roster-As-Constructed all came to their logical conclusion: failure. This has been an excruciating season to follow. Knowing TLR is officially gone really brings it all to an end, though I would not say closure as not knowing if the Sox are going to change anything means nothing is truly resolved. SoxMachine should offer another pennant deal: “I Survived the 2022 Season With SoxMachine.”

Trooper Galactus

Tony absolutely deserved to get fired months ago, but instead of at least giving fans the gratification of seeing some accountability for the failures on the field he’s gonna be allowed to walk away and save face or, worse yet, get promoted.

Nellie Fox

I know what I said but larussa needs to be on the bench to finish this shit show. He started it and deserves the outcome.

As Cirensica

Can’t wait for the season ending closing bullsh…err…remarks by Hahn

Trooper Galactus

Start placing your bets on:
-Attendance shaming
-Blaming injuries
-Thanking/praising Tony’s management
-We need to fill RF/2B/SP holes
-All the naysayers are happy now


I don’t expect him to be in the role of making remarks, but this org has surprised me before.

Last edited 2 months ago by metasox
dat gummit

Tuesday, I flew in from Colorado to see the Cleveland series. They blew the first game so hard that I pulled the plug on the second two, and had a truly wonderful time with family and friends as a result, splitting time between my home town Burbank and latter half home Bridgeport.

This feels like the first steps towards acknowledging I’m in an abusive relationship with this franchise. It’s time to make healthy decisions and distance myself. I deserve to be happy!

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!


Post of the year!!


I kinda hope the Sox organization hang an ABANDONED sign on Guaranteed Rate, disband, and go into witness protection.