Watch Party: White Sox at Tigers

(Ken Lund / Flickr)

TV: NBC Sports Chicago

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As Cirensica

Alright, let’s do this again.

As Cirensica

Lucas…why you suck now? Why?


lol this team…Cleveland down 3-0 and we cant even find one run against Detroit hahahaha

Does Griffin Jax ever get anyone out?

As Cirensica

Andrus, on base machine. Time for others to show up

Give me a break Leury.


Yes, Jose!

As Cirensica

Thank you Abreu… THANK YOU


Pito coming through!

As Cirensica

Come on Eloy…kill them.


Baez shouldn’t have gotten 2 bases on that.

Right Size Wrong Shape

When you have no outfielders, anything is possible.


What a play!

As Cirensica

Arrrrtgghhh…. those plays do not help my heart

El Mago! Hahahahahaha!!!!


God fucking bless Javy baez

That is the best example of Kelly being “effectively wild” I have ever seen

El Arvo

Just checked in. How do we score this? 1-2-1-2?

As Cirensica

The Twins are a joke…look at this shit


So, that would be the go ahead run for Cleveland scoring from 2nd on a wild pitch? Wonderful.


And that is now the winning run. Boy the twins suck lol

Well, at least we get Yas as the Manfred Man if it goes to extras.

Should be Engel or Leury


Or Robert if he really can’t swing a bat but is ok to run.

As Cirensica

Oh yeah…forgot we have a luxury runner

As Cirensica

The Sox couldn’t move the Manfred man to 3B…disheartening. I would bring Hendriks now or keep Rey Lo


This seasons time of death 9:30 pm cst 9/16/22


2022 in a nutshell.