Podcast: Mailbag Episode Vol. 2 – 2022 Edition

Record Date: 9/25/2022

Chicago White Sox mailed it in over the weekend against Detroit. Finishing a six-game homestand winless and falling back to being below .500.

Instead of recapping that brutal display, Josh and Jim decide to have a 100% mailbag episode with questions provided by Patreon supporters.

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Shingos Cheeseburgers

Having to pay for the vaporware of 2022 season tickets in order to preserve your seating location in 2023 is insanely bad practice, but not unexpected from the Sox.

That being said no one should be worried about getting the season ticket location they want for next year.


Why anyone would want to pay to see a bunch of overpaid, unmotivated losers play a bad brand of baseball is beyond me. If you want change to happen, stop putting money in Reinsdorf’s pocket.

What is vaporware?


Computing/software term. When something is hyped up for sale, but isn’t ready. Maybe it’s still in development, maybe the designers have hit a dead end and can’t get their product to work. Either way, the devs put it out there as the next big thing.

As Cirensica

That was a great session. Good job Jim and Josh for answering so many of our questions. I keep forgetting how old in Jerry and that might be now the reason why he does not fire anybody any more. You will have to commit murder or something awful for Jerry to nitce and fire you.

I am still hoping Hahn will get canned this year.


The Sox face a bunch of problems (to quote Josh: flurry of injuries, poor managing, weaker than expected bullpen, poorly constructed roster) but as always, the biggest problem the Sox face is that the team that is trying to address these issues… is the Sox. And they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.


For a team that hasn’t won anything, the Sox players must have been awfully cocky earlier in the year. Emmanuel Clase posted this on his twitter account. The video, taken by closer Emmanuel Clase, captures the team chanting “F–k the White Sox.” Normally players don’t outwardly show that type of disrespect toward another team.

As Cirensica

Since the AL Central was created in 1994, the Division winners have been:

Guardians (11 times)
Twins (8 times)
White Sox (4 times)
Tigers (4 times)
Royals (1 time)

The Guardians own this thing.

Only the Royals (2015) and the White Sox (2005) have won the World Series.