White Sox Wake Up Call: Aug. 11, 2022

Last night: The White Sox take a tumble post-6th-inning as they lose ground on Cleveland.

Today: It’s Dylan Cease against Zach Greinke

Down on the Farm: Oscar Colas hit another home run.

Around MLB: No Field of Dreams game in 2023, Yankees drop eight of their last ten games while the Dodgers winning streak extends to 10 games.

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El Arvo

Josh, you may be on to something. A new exercise program guaranteed to provide results. Never know how long the workout will go while waiting for the White Sox to score.
Could add things like: turn resistance way up through the commercial break if runners left in scoring position, two minutes high intensity for a fielding error, 10 push-ups for bullpen mismanagement, etc.
Sprinkle in some rewards: 30 second break for WS pitcher K, stop pedaling and lay your head on the bike for every Benetti-Stone pun (keep head down until they stop laughing about it)
My advice is free but you have to put my name in the thank you credits