Podcast: White Sox sweep Tigers as the Astros arrive

Record Date: 8/14/2022


  • How do we feel about the White Sox chances of winning AL Central after sweeping Detroit?
  • Andrew Vaughn and AJ Pollock help carry the offense
  • What should the White Sox do about the shortstop position?
  • Weekly preview of AL Central matchups
  • Houston Astros series preview
  • P.O. Sox

Joe Meckl

How did this team go from being fun and exciting to the unlikeable bunch we have now (even after this 3 game sweep of the tigers)? I know TLR gets a lot of the blame and rightfully so, but It definitely seems like some of the players bought into their own hype and expected to have success without continuing to put forth the effort needed.

Andrew Segall

What are your thoughts on moving Giolito or Lynn over the off-season? What about re-signing Cueto?

Benny Kozminski

Josh, what are the vibes like at home games right now? Do fans still think we have a chance and do they care as much now as they did to start the season? I know with football season looming some interest will be lost as well, thanks!

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Besides the guys released, there should be a few on minor league deals still eligible for trade. Would be surprised if the Sox don’t do something to try another infielder

As Cirensica

I am on the no Simmons, no Di Gregorio bandwagon. Let’s keep rolling with our internal options. Sosa has been rough, and he might has a steep adjustment. Leury and Sosa is far from ideal. But we can make it work.

We already have a dreadful defense, so adding a good glove (Simmons) at the expense of offense (Simmons is practically an automatic out with zero upside, at least Sosa has upside) does not help much if we are leaking runs at the other positions.


The internal options are a Leury who could break down at any time, guys who are not ready for the majors and a guy trying to come back from surgery. Seems prudent to look outside


Romy hit extremely well in Rookie League rehab and hs gotten in 5 games in AAA since getting healthy. He could be an internal option.