White Sox Wake-Up Call: July 15, 2022

Good morning. Here’s the rundown:

LAST NIGHT: Luis Robert led a clubbing of Sonny Gray while Johnny Cueto endured early traffic for a satisfying 12-2 victory in the opener against the Twins.

TONIGHT: It’s Michael Kopech against Devin Smeltzer, who is left-handed.

ON THE FARM: José Rodríguez walks it off for Birmingham, and Colson Montgomery keeps chugging along.

AROUND THE LEAGUE: The depleted Royals defeat the Blue Jays, the Guardians keep pace, and the Mariners still can’t lose.

Listen below:

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I’m not sure that I have enjoyed a Sox personality as much as I have enjoyed Johnny Cueto since whenever it was that Juan Uribe left.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I love Cueto, too. Yolmer was fun.


Forgot about Yolmer there for a minute. I’d put him in that category as well – that dude had spirit.