White Sox Wake-Up Call: July 27, 2022

On today’s episode:

  • Kopech returns to form
  • Defense shuts the door
  • Minors play poor
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Bennett Karoll
Bennett Karoll
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Great recap but… “Jose Abreu did what Jose Abreu does best and grounded into a double play?”

Harsh! This bro is out there putting up an All-Star caliber season, has a .888 OPS with RISP, and leads the universe in RBI since 2019. Plus it only feels like he’s GIDP a lot because he’s out there every day! Per PA, Abreu is 9th on the White Sox in GIDP. Long live the RBI King.

Right Size Wrong Shape

He’s led the league in RBI twice, and GIDP thrice. Yes he’s been great this year, but the comment is apt. Long live the GIDP King.


The list of GIDP leaders is usually a list of all the best hitters in baseball who just aren;t also really fast. It’s kind of like losses for pitchers. The top 15 in GIDP since 2019, for example, includes Vlad Jr, Machado, Juan Soto, JD Martinez, Arenado… but these guys are just exceptional hitters who play a lot and are purposively placed behind guys who get on base.

So, sure, I guess he’s the GIDP King. But if Juan Soto, Vlad Jr., and Manny Machado are your princes, that’s a good kingship to have.

Right Size Wrong Shape