Podcast: Great Weekend in Minneapolis

Record Date: 7/17/2022

Josh and Jim recap a terrific weekend in Minneapolis. It was great to see so many fans attend #108ing Roadtrip, and even better the White Sox played well. After an impressive series win, is it a time to regain hope the White Sox will leap Cleveland and catch Minnesota for the AL Central title?

Plus, the MLB Draft has started, and the White Sox take prep LHP Noah Schultz in the first round. They share what Schultz brings to the White Sox and ponder what his development track will look like.

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I don’t follow prep and college baseball, and everything I know about individual draft prospects I learn from this site and from Jim Callis, but…I don’t love what the Sox did in the draft yesterday. Prep pitcher seems like a tough profile, bad match for where the Sox are right now, and the org hasn’t actually been successful with scouting and developing prep pitchers. Following that up with an injured guy in round 2 makes this a draft that we very well could come to regret. But you know, there’s a draft once a year so we’ll have a chance to add more talent in 12 months…

Right Size Wrong Shape

I think the performances from Kelley, Thompson and Mena this year has them feeling much more confident about their ability to develop teenage pitchers.