Podcast: White Sox season on brink of collapse

Record Date: 6/12/2022

With the Chicago White Sox dropping another home series, this time to the Texas Rangers, it’s time to wonder if the season is on brink of collapsing. There are just 42 games until the trade deadline. Can this team get back into contention before then? Josh and Jim discuss while previewing Lance Lynn’s 2022 season debut.

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So sox bullpen is toast going into a 3 game set with Detroit…. got a Thursday off day, but then play I believe 31 games in 31 days (1 DH, 1 off day) before the break…. lol ok good luck!

Augusto Barojas

I can’t wait to see the lineups TLR uses giving guys rest with no offdays. Something to look forward to.


Yea I was worried about the taxed pen but good point this gives cover for the continued miss allotment of playing time and order construction… gah


Can a team really “collapse” when the entire season has been one long “meh?”


I’m assuming Martin needs to stay down for a while. Is that right?

I assume that if they had sent Bummer down earlier, they would have kept Martin up in the bigs to use his spot, given that he has looked cromulent.

As Cirensica

I think the rules indicates that once he is sent down, a team cannot call him back up in 10 days (or is it 5 days?), but I could be wrong.


Upon being optioned to the Minor Leagues, a position player must remain there for a minimum of 10 days before he is eligible to be recalled to the Major League roster. For pitchers, the minimum is 15 days.


So sending Davis Martin down isn’t going to work out very well for us. I thought it was odd that they were in such a hurry to send him down, especially given Lynn’s status and most recent start in AAA.

There is also the contrast between how quickly they sent Martin down and how slow they are to act when veterans on the active roster are hurt.


Is there an exception when a player goes to the IL? Anyone can be called up to replace him?


I thought there was, but I don’t see one in the rules.


Leury Garcia, starting pitcher.

As Cirensica

And I’m confident he will be good at pitching as he is at hitting


Maybe Brett Lawrie mysterious leg injury was a cautionary tale.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

To be fair I think you guys have been overly optimistic but I think that just speaks to how pessimistic I’ve been for the entire rebuild.


The worst thing at this point would be for them to hold on for dear life and miss the playoffs, then do next to nothing in the off-season because they already have too much money committed to 2023 and run it back with essentially the same group next year.

It sucks but if they aren’t within 5 games of first by the trade deadline, everyone without contractual control through at least 2024 should go. That includes Giolito, Grandal (assuming that he has any trade value at that point), and possibly even Hendriks.

They can still salvage this thing if they 1. admit that the current roster is seriously flawed and 2. take steps to fix it


I don’t know that trading Giolito would make sense if the team is planning to compete in 2023. Especially for a team that won’t spend on free agent pitchers.


That’s the thing. All signs point to not extending Gio. Gio has not been the same pitcher in the last year or so that he had previously shown. I totally agree with MSYB, Soz just can’t stand pat in 23 if 22 is lost. If they want to pick up new blood, in all likelihood they’ll need to shed some salary. They also need to replenish the farm.

The Rays, Giants and As have shown that holes can be fixed with ingenuity rather than payroll, why can’t the Sox… Oops, I’ll show myself out.


The highlight of the season so far, for me, is the “Fire Tony” chants. At least that offers some hope.