Podcast: Dominating in Detroit

Record Date: 6/15/2022

The Chicago White Sox needed a good series in Detroit to help save their season. Thanks to another offensive surge, the White Sox compellingly swept the Tigers. Josh and Jim discuss Yoan Moncada’s big day, AJ Pollock’s resurgence, Jose Abreu’s flexing power, and Davis Martin’s understanding of the assignment.

Plus, a look ahead to the Houston Astros series.

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Re: TLR shouldn’t push Giolito a 3rd time through the order. I’ll push back on this (a little).

Giolito has struggled the 3rd time through this season, but he was generally solid the 3rd time through the order from ’19-’21. And by solid, I mean better than most of the current White Sox bullpen. TLR may still push him too far but, given the current state of the pen, I wouldn’t blame him for taking his chances with Giolito.

I think the ideal scenario would be for Katz to evaluate Giolito based on pitch count, how crisp his pitches are looking, and the kinds of PAs the Astros hitters are having against him. If Gioltio looks sharp, I’d rather see him face the Astros lineup a 3rd time than Ruiz, Lambert, or Banks face them a first time.