First Pitch: White Sox at Rays

Doctorindy / Wikipedia

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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Because in every existing multi-verse, Leury Garcia should always get more at bats than Luis Robert.

As Cirensica

We can never have enough of terrible at bats


And Leury 3rd inning. Fire LaRussa. This is sabotage.


Goodbye White Sox.

Been reading ( lurking) Jim and soxmachine a long time (followed to the other site and back) and been a White Sox fan since 94.

This is supposed to be fun for me. I will no longer spend my free time being aggravated with the team’s decision making. I can live with the ups and downs of player performance, but not with the manager/front office sabotaging the team.

Good luck to Jim and the rest of the Soxmachine team. I hope things get better and there is more place for enjoyment watching this team.

Augusto Barojas

I highly doubt you will be missing out on anything. I may join you, just about anything would be a more constructive use of time than watching a team with ownership who ensures that they will never win anything.


I just don’t understand what Tony is thinking with the lineups, and/or what the front office is thinking with the injured list and roster moves. If the plan is to use Grandal at DH, why not call up a 3rd catcher? If Pollock isn’t healthy enough to DH instead of the catcher who can’t hit, then why isn’t Pollock on the IL? And if you are going to call up Haseley, why sit him in favor of Sheets in RF?

Root Cause

My aunt bought 4 refrigerators before someone stepped in to manage her money. How many times has Garcia led the lineup?

As Cirensica

White Sox bench is the new IL. You can place players anytime, and recall them back anytime. All while they rehab at the Major league level. Pure genius.


Not sure why I had it in my mind that they had called up Haseley…maybe just because he is raking lately.


I like this version of Kyle Crick – that slider is really moving

Last edited 1 year ago by soxygen

yeah it’s a real wiffle ball slider, he’ll be reasonably effective if he can put it in the zone

As Cirensica

So…we’re gonna see Liam in action? I forgot how that was like

Joliet Orange Sox

Good to see Graveman was really sharp after not pitching in 6 days. I was worried he’d be a bit shaky.


theres something extremely funny about the highly paid closer looking really sharp despite not having any leads to protect for a week