Yankees 7, White Sox 5: Discipline the difference

You could reduce the final score to a story of starting pitchers. Dallas Keuchel gave up a Yankee Stadium grand slam to DJ LeMahieu, and that was too deep a hole against Nestor Cortes, even if he wasn’t on his game.

But you could also present it as a story about plate discipline. White Sox pitchers issued six walks while striking out three, with Keuchel going 3-0 in those categories. White Sox hitters only drew one walk and a Josh Harrison HBP while striking out 14 times.

That one is a little more compelling, especially when looking at how their last best chance failed to come to fruition. The White Sox’s first two batters reached against Jonathan Loiasiga to start the seventh, with Luis Robert beating a flip to second on what should’ve been a fielder’s choice for José Abreu.

Nothing else happened because what little plate discipline the White Sox possessed eroded, and Loaisiga struck out the side.

Yasmani Grandal chased one:

AJ Pollock chased two:

And Leury García chased three … after getting ahead 2-0.

García probably shouldn’t have hit for himself, either, because Tony La Russa used late scratch Yoán Moncada and Gavin Sheets off the bench with nobody on base in the eighth. But García contributed one of three doubles off Michael King in the White Sox’s two-run sixth the inning before, so that’s probably why he got a chance to do it again.

Meanwhile, Keuchel and the White Sox pitching staff gave up walks that tended to hurt. In the second, Keuchel lost ninth-hitting Aaron Hicks to load the bases to LeMahieu, who unloaded a bases with a fly ball that would’ve been a long out in 29 of 30 parks.

Instead, the Yankees’ lead exploded to 5-0 through two. Then after José Abreu took Cortes deep to left for a three-run shot and a compelling answer in the top of the third, Keuchel walked Anthony Rizzo to start the third, and he came around to score.

José Ruiz dealt with the same issue in the sixth. He walked eight-hitting Kyle Higashioka to open the inning, and he came around to score four batters later for the game’s final run.

It wasn’t a bad game for the White Sox offense. They outhit the Yankees 11-8, and out extra-base-hit their counterparts 4-1. They also played some excellent defense, with Luis Robert making a long running catch in center, and Tim Anderson reversing course to flag down a grounder after initially moving to cover second with a runner in motion.

But they can swing themselves out of a rally, and that becomes especially pronounced when they play against a team that seldom gives away individual at-bats, much less entire innings.

Bullet points:

*Josh Donaldson once again found himself at the center of White Sox disgust. After dropping a knee on Tim Anderson’s arm and shoving him off the bag last series, he exchanged words with Anderson after the third inning, and then had a heated dialogue at the plate with Yasmani Grandal, which caused benches to clear. The rest of the game was played without incident.

*Reynaldo López accounted for two of the White Sox’s three strikeouts in his inning of work, during which he threw the fastest pitch of his career (100.0 mph).

*Keuchel gave up six runs over four innings, so his ERA rose to 6.60.

Record: 19-20 | Box score | Statcast

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In the post-game interviews, TLR said Donaldson made a “racist” comment towards/about Tim. Tim said Donaldson made “disrespectful” comments to him, and that it started the first time Donaldson was on base, and happened again in the 3rd inning (when we saw them cross paths).


He called him “Jackie Robinson” sarcastically.

We know Donaldson is 100% bad faith with the sox so I don’t buy his “quoting an interview ” excuse, he knew what he was doing.

Last edited 1 year ago by vince
Yolmer's gatorade

VV should’ve put one in Donaldson’s ribs last week. He’s a bully, and they need to show him they’re not playing around with him.


From what I’m hearing, Donaldson said it once the first time he was on base, and then again in the 3rd. It sounds like Tim let it go the first time, but called him out on it the second time.

I think Donaldson found something he thought was “clever”, and had to make sure that it was acknowledged. As an author I enjoy (John Scalzi) notes, “The failure mode of clever is asshole”. From what I can tell, the White Sox response was pretty appropriate, especially as opposed to a fastball to the helmet.

Here’s hoping Donaldson gets food poisoning, and strikes out in the rest of his plate appearances this series (or season).

Kelly Wunsch N' Munch

Donaldson is a complete piece of trash when it comes to interactions with the White Sox for whatever reason. This is the 3rd team he’s played for that he’s caused some sort commotion against the White Sox that I can recall.
-The “whistling” mock in Toronto.
-The yelling “it’s not sticky anymore” as he crossed the plate against Giolito shortly after the Spider Tack ban (insinuating that’s the only reason Giolito was effective) in Minnesota.
-Now this nonsense with the Yankees.
I don’t recollect any sort of altercations when he was in Oakland. He should absolutely get a ball in his back in short order. Some traditional baseball justice should most definitely be served. Enough is enough with his crap.


I’m usually not one for throwing at people. Settle any beefs on the scoreboard. That being said, Donaldson is doing a good job of convincing me he shouldn’t be included in any definition of “people”…

Last edited 1 year ago by texag10
Kelly Wunsch N' Munch

I understand where you’re coming from. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for throwing at anyone’s head. I don’t want to see anyone (even Donaldson) have their livelihood, or health jeopardized. But with that being said he should definitely get one in the back or butt. He’s been consistently obtuse towards the White Sox for years now. It’s just time he gets to cash that check his mouth and actions have written adnauseum without repercussions in my opinion.


reynaldo should apply his new triple digit heat directly to donaldson’s jaw


Im sure the MLB will find a way to suspend Tim for this.


I got downvoted into oblivion on r/baseball for pointing out what Donaldson did was kinda messed up.

Just further cements my belief that people like standing up for bullies more than standing up to them.

Last edited 1 year ago by BenwithVen

What power does Donaldson have over anyone to be considered a bully?
He’s just an insecure, bigoted dick with daddy issues. Sox should’ve drilled the clown yesterday and put an end to it all.


r/baseball is a shitshow right now. Tim bad, Josh good and anything otherwise is either down voted to oblivion or removed by the mods.