White Sox 3, Yankees 2: Tim Anderson runs it off

White Sox win

The last time the White Sox beat the Yankees, Tim Anderson could trot around the bases for the winning run to end it. You might remember the game. They played in a cornfield, and it was commemorated in bobblehead form tonight.

He had to work for it tonight. After Liam Hendriks’ attempt to record a five-out save went by the boards in the top of the inning, Anderson couldn’t bail him out this time with one swing. He did single off Aroldis Chapman with one out to start something, and he could jog to second on Yoán Moncada’s walk.

That brought Luis Robert to the plate, and Chapman fell behind 3-0 with some big misses. He found the strike zone with a fastball, but he tried to throw off Robert with a 3-1 splitter. The problem was that he hung it, and Robert waited back long enough to shove it through the hole on the right side.

At 96.7 mph, Robert hit it hard enough to get it past Anthony Rizzo, but not so hard that it got to Aaron Judge too soon. Judge had to charge it, and while he made an on-target throw, Anderson beat the throw home comfortably with a slide behind catcher Kyle Higashioka, and the Sox could once again celebrate at the plate.

Robert atoned for his previous at-bat, when his fly ball to center with Anderson on third was too shallow to test Judge’s arm, and José Abreu popped out to keep the score at 2-0. That missed opportunity loomed large when the Yankees finally got on the scoreboard in the final two innings.

In the eighth, Joe Kelly was denied redemption. Three of the four Yankees he faced singled, and while the contact wasn’t pure, Judge and Stanton seemed prepared for the sinkers running inside, and adjusted their swings accordingly. Stanton’s muscled single to left scored Judge to make it a 2-1 game, and while Hendriks came in to record the five-out save, it was complicated by Anthony Rizzo’s steal of third

Hendriks delayed the scoring of the tying run by striking out Josh Donaldson and Gleyber Torres, but when he walked Joey Gallo to open the ninth, he couldn’t deny it. Isiah Kiner-Falefa got a lower, slower fastball after fouling back strike one and rifled it into right field to put runners on the corners. He then applied more pressure by stealing second on Hendriks …

… only to relieve it on Higashioka’s fly to left. It accomplished the purpose of scoring Gallo to tie the game, but Kiner-Falefa must’ve assumed A.J. Pollock was going to airmail the cutoff man for a hero throw home. When Pollock settled for Yoán Moncada near third base, he had an easy flip to Anderson for the TOOTBLAN at third, so all that terrible defense played by the White Sox finally paid off. DJ LeMahieu then struck out on a slider, and Hendriks at least preserved the tie. That’s how he got the win.

Dallas Keuchel did not get the win, and he would’ve deserved it. After the Yankees hit four homers in each of the first two games, Keuchel kept the Bombers in the park. He worked a double, three singles and three walks over five scoreless innings, striking out three. Two of the three walks were in his final inning of work as his command threatened to get away from him, but if he pitched around Judge to face the lefty Rizzo, the calculated risk worked in his favor. Rizzo grounded into the shift with the bases loaded to end the fifth inning.

Tony La Russa then pulled out all the stops afterward, using Kendall Graveman for an easy two, followed by Kelly and Hendriks.

He had to, because while the White Sox followed the Yankee playbook with an immediate run (Robert RBI single) and the long ball (Moncada taking Jordan Montgomery out to center), those accounted for the only two runs through eight innings. They were 1-for-8 with runners in scoring position before Robert made it 2-for-9 at the end.

Bullet points:

*The defense turned up for Keuchel, with three double plays, including one of Abreu’s nifty 3-6 jobs.

*Abreu also singled to snap an 0-for-21 skid.

*Anderson had three hits, raising his average to .339.

Record: 16-16 | Box score | Statcast

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Slight correction. Judge was in right for the throw to the plate. Hicks replaced Stanton in the 8th as a pinch runner.


I recall someone saying early last year they were not sure how good Liam was. Seems like a relevant statement a year later. He’ll probably still be fine but he sure has not been lights out so far. I don’t trust him against teams like the Yankees.

Last edited 1 year ago by jhomeslice

he’s still clearly unhittable when his breaking balls are 1) used reasonably often and 2) near the zone. the fastball is great but good hitters can damage it when they know it’s the only thing coming

As Cirensica

Notably, the Yankees only muster 3 hard hit balls out of Keuchel. They just couldn’t decipher the soft tossing southpaw. We have seen that movie before, but it is nice to see it from the other side.


It was the Zap Brannigan strategy. They let the Yankees hit so many HR the first two games they got tired for this one.


I’m wondering if in a power v power matchup, Yankees hitters beat pitchers. Then changing speeds, breaking balls , etc – keeping them off balance – is a better attack plan.

By that admittedly completely anecdotal and superficial logic, Cueto should start today in place of Kopech.


I’m ready to see Yolbert Sanchez, who is hitting .327 across two levels so far, replace Josh Harrison and his .156 BA (or Leury Garcia who…get a load of this, you’re not going to believe it) is under contract through the 2024 season.


If just looking at short-term stats, Leury has a .860 ops in May, Yolbert’s is .636. Probably should see what Yolbert can do over the long haul


Yes, it’ll probably be at least early June before a Yolbert-for-Harrison move is considered, and that’s probably wise.


As much as I am no fan of Leury, I think he is probably better than Harrison. Look at what that dude did since he got to the A’s last year, terrible. What a surprise that his signing isn’t working out.


Yoan crushing fastballs again is such a welcome sight to see. The fact he did it hitting right handed is a bonus.

Last edited 1 year ago by BenwithVen

No doubt. We really needed him to exceed expectations, and he has met the moment. He’s looking a little more like 2019 Yoan than anything I recall seeing since he got COVID in 2020.

Last edited 1 year ago by soxygen

Is there any reason they have not announced Cueto’s call up? Makes me concerned that they might be wishing and hoping that they don’t need him (of course the real reason would be to avoid paying him).


It has to be today, or he will elect free agency. Who goes to make room for him? I would assume Burr is the odd man out.


It certainly sounds like he will pitch Monday or Tuesday in KC. They need 6 starters this week with the DH, so I’m sure he will be up today. Probably wait til after the game in case they need Burr for this one.


I hope so. Just wondered why they would wait until the last minute if the foregone conclusion is that they will pay Cueto and call him up. No brainer they need him in KC with Gio out.


They need him in KC, even if Giolito pitches. Kopech can’t pitch in KC on regular rest. Keuchel goes Thursday, VV Wednesday, Cease can pitch one of the games Tuesday. That leaves Monday and the other game Tuesday. Cueto will start one of those, and I think they’re hoping Giolito is ok to pitch the other one.


Also, the reason they would wait as long as possible is if they need to save him to start Monday/Tuesday, waiting gave them an extra pitcher to use in the Yankees series.


What a well-played game yesterday. Sox defense was good, and it was nice to see the most egregious play of the game come from the other team this time (Kiner-Falefa’s TOOTBLAN). Some things I observed yesterday:

We have a really special top 3 in the order. Yoan looks like 2019 Yoan, and Timmy and Robert can flat-out hit.
I thought Tony did a great job with the pen. Bringing in Graveman in the 6th against the heart of the order, then letting him pitch the 7th was good managing. Not hanging Kelly out to dry this time after some soft singles was smart also. Which probably means he will screw something up today.
Kelly has good stuff- he just needs to get his command. If Bummer can come back effective, that will be a very strong back of the pen.
I think Abreu will eventually come out of his slump, but I’m not sure about Grandal. He just doesn’t drive the ball at all- hence his .210 slugging percentage. When Eloy comes back they can hopefully settle into a consistent lineup. And even though I don’t think Abreu should hit 4th, I’m sure Tony will keep him there. So the lineup could be:
Timmy ss
Yoan 3b
Robert cf
Abreu 1b/DH
Vaughn lf/DH
Eloy lf/DH
Pollock/Sheets/Engel rf
Grandal/McGuire c
Harrison/Leury 2b

Getting a split in this series would be awesome. Hopefully Kopech is sharp!


The Yankees pitcher today is one I have not seen or heard of, but has some really impressive numbers (42 K’s/32 IP, 1.4 ERA). But he is a lefty, so hopefully they will get to him. As long as it isn’t one of TLR’s moron lineups where Garcia and Harrison both play.


Yes, this is no time to put out a Sunday lineup. Same lineup as yesterday, except I would assume Grandal sits for McGuire.


Well guess what. Moncada sitting today, Harrison and Leury both start.


Yeah, let’s just throw away another game. Like I said earlier, he managed well yesterday, which means he’ll screw up today. What a moron.


Does not appear to be a Sunday lineup for the Yankees.


What a surprise. Why would Moncada have to sit after having Thursday off. I guess Tony can’t put two good days of managing back-to-back.


TLR manages like the players are as frail and tired as he is. They won’t have home field in any playoff series and might not even win the division this year, but they will all be very well rested! (except for Leury and Harrison, who will play as much as possible)

Last edited 1 year ago by jhomeslice