Podcast: White Sox Keep Sweeping

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Record Date: 5/8/2022

The Chicago White Sox keep sweeping as they stretch their winning streak to six games. They found a way to win at Boston despite the offense still lacking a tremendous amount of punch thanks to the pitching staff continuing to excel. Is this a sustainable winning formula?


Intro – How did the White Sox sweep Boston?

5:03 – Is this a sustainable winning model?

17:40 – Did Dallas Keuchel do enough to merit another start?

22:16 – Comparing Apple TV vs. Peacock broadcasts

34:51 – Cleveland Guardians series preview

38:45 – Yoan Moncada and Joe Kelly return

47:13 – P.O. Sox

Steve Bennett

Rank the hierarchy in the bullpen as you think Tony sees it and how you each see it. Plug Kelly into your responses. Thanks.


What da heck is up with Gavin Sheets? Was there anything truly behind his success in 2021?

61:40 – Bonus P.O. Sox (Exclusive to Patreon supporters)

Andrew Segall

What do you think things will look like for the Sox when Benetti next calls a Sunday game for the Sox?


Thoughts on the lackluster start by AJ Pollock? Are we going to see 2021 AJ Pollock or something near it? Or did we get our typical, he was good with someone else but we got him the year it all went South. (Insert Dunn, Laroche, Ron Santo)

Joe Meckl

What more does Yolbert Sanchez have to do in order to get called up? We can not keep rolling Harrison out there.

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Our sox ran into the cubs and bosox at the exact right time… two horrible offensives just going as bad as ours if not worse, the difference being our starting pitching and bullpen being better.

Team desperately needs Moncada and Vaughn back as all my fears about some of the fringe guys have come thru. I was never high on Sheets and he seems to be really struggling, and him or Burger (both) would benefit from going down to AAA and getting their swings back on track. Not sure how much longer they can afford Harrison and McGuire starting games as well but we will see how TLR handles it.


I suspect if we remain in contention Hahn’s focus will need to be acquiring a bat at the trade deadline. I’m really pleased where this bullpen is at as opposed to last year.


Interesting – my read would be that * if we remain in contention * it will be because of our bats and in spite of our starting rotation lacking depth. So who knows what they would do in that event, but what they should do is stabilize the back end of the rotation.


I think our starting rotation is pretty good if Lynn comes back healthy. Giolito, Cease, Lynn, and Kopech is as good of a starting four as there is in the game. If VV can pitch like he has in his last two starts he is pretty solid number 5 as well.


Good points. I think the same could be said with the bats, though. If Moncada stays healthy and can hit, and if it seems like Eloy will be back in the lineup in August, then I don’t see them trading for a bat.

This front office has never known how to build a team that can hit in April, and this season is no different. I am betting that the offense will look different in a few weeks.

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It’ll probably depend on three things: who’s healthy, which veterans crashed then burned, and the standings. And in that order.

If the rotation is relatively healthy and they are still rostering DK & VV, I don’t see a reason to add a starter. I don’t know how likely that is. But SP does seem like it’ll be a strength, once Lynn returns. I could see them needing a bat, unless two of Pollock, Sheets, Burger, Harrison, and Garcia step up. That seems plausible enough, though.


Though when the weather warms up it will warm up for the Sox and their opponents…

I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Keuchel crash and burn, Lynn struggle mightily, and Kopech wear down.

Last edited 1 year ago by soxygen

Fair enough. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Sox were still shaky at 2B and DH in July, and one of the best rotations in baseball. Thankfully, Hahn’s got a bit to determine what the Sox need.


Regarding Keuchel and Velazquez, one thing about the off-season that bugged me is that there is no evidence to support the notion that TLR will actually be willing to implement a tandem starting arrangement. ..Which makes Keuchel, VV, Cueto, and Lopez seem like too many multi inning guys who aren’t really deserving of a full time rotation spot. Basically, the front office should not be allocating resources to players that their manager won’t use properly.